Aaand he’s headed back to the joint

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14 Responses to Aaand he’s headed back to the joint

  1. Bad_Brad says:

    Looks like he better stop by the dentist on the way.

  2. olds mo william says:

    Was that Robin Trower with the motor home?

  3. nonncom says:

    Was this guy a pussy or what….

  4. Plan_K_Ton says:

    Here’s an oddity:
    Interesting detail that made the story worth reading – “Foxworthy’s entire face is covered in tattoos, with the phrase “s*** happens” under his eyes. He and Ragland are charged with first- and second-degree murder.”

  5. brighteyes says:

    Well, the lil Queen was missin his boys. His nickname is Showersoap.

  6. grayjohn says:

    Just shoot the bastard.

  7. judgeroybean says:

    How bout that? A druggies trying to steal from other druggies. Whouda thunkit?

  8. Paul B says:

    Smarts. That guy does not have any.

  9. BillDave says:

    He is lucky to live.

  10. BigCountryExpat says:

    very rarely would I say this but good bust/good job…

  11. Critter says:

    Looks like just another day in sunny Florida

  12. bradoplata says:

    Body cams saved that guy a good ass kicking.

  13. james says:

    police did good.

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