Aimo Koivunen -The Original Tweeker

Aimo Allan Koivunen (17 October 1917 – 12 August 1989) was a Finnish soldier in World War II and the first documented case of a soldier overdosing on amphetamine during combat.

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7 Responses to Aimo Koivunen -The Original Tweeker

  1. snuffy says:

    Wiki pic looks like he was still going.

  2. Mike_C says:

    Torilla tavataan! Finland mentioned internationally!

    Koivunen had trouble pulling out a single pill, so he poured the entire bottle of thirty capsules into his hand and took them all. [… Found more than a week later after all sorts of misadventures] his heart rate was measured at 200 beats per minute.

    Hahaha! Koivunen must have been in amazing baseline shape to survive a week like that. We once had a medical intern admit a patient having a non-STEMI (“mild” heart attack) and put the guy on dobutamine drip overnight. Dobutamine is an inotrope (makes the heart squeeze harder) used in cardiac stress tests. The intern meant to put the patient on dopamine but got confused. So this idiot intern gave a guy who was having a freaking heart attack a 7-hour stress test. The patient did fine, amazingly enough. I’ve always thought we should get the DNA of that patient for genetically-engineering unkillable super-soldiers or something.

  3. James says:

    I remember feeling how he looks in that photo.
    Fuck, I miss amphetamines more than any other drug.
    Get high AND get shit done!

  4. nonncom says:

    Speaking of tweekers….”This song is about the northern Texas, southern Oklahoma crystal meth amphetamine industry”….

  5. RosalindJ says:

    In a ditch for a week & skied for 250 miles? That is some serious SRT compounding they had going there. I’m amazed he survived the 30 pill dose in the first place.

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