Bite me, Cesar

A key Latino leader, joining those who said teens were “harassing a Native American elder” at the Lincoln Memorial Friday, is demanding that the Pledge of Allegiance be rewritten to honor “indigenous and immigrant heritage,” not the flag.

Even as reports about students from Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky “harassing” the native American were discounted, Cesar Vargas, co-director of the Dream Action Coalition, said it was one of the reasons the pledge should be changed.

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4 Responses to Bite me, Cesar

  1. Ken M says:

    There are less than 20 people nationwide who give a crap what this or any other race baiting imbecile says…yet they keep getting nationwide press

  2. Bob says:

    But he demanded it. I guess there’s nothing we can do and we’ll just have to go ahead and change it.

    Fuck that guy.

  3. OD says:

    LOL … OK ! … let’s honor the ‘indigenes.’ Build a pyramid, round ’em up and march up the stairs to have their hearts cut out of their living bodies. I laugh at HIGHspanics who think they’re the descendants of Ferdinand and Isabella.

    Por los Humanos todo, por los chongos y chongas nada

  4. singlestack says:

    The thing I hate second-most about leftists, right after their authoritarian ideology and totalitarian hive mind, is their inability to think abstractly. It’s why we’re afflicted with political correctness, hysteria over “bullying” and “-shaming”, and the diminishing of our right of free speech.
    They’re incapable of comprehending the ideals that are the bedrock upon which our founding documents rest and that the Pledge is a commitment to strive for the realization of those ideals. We’re not pledging to a flag; the flag is a symbol of our ideals. When they desecrate our flag they show hatred and contempt for ideals we hold sacred and for which millions have given their lives.
    Being stuck in a concrete perceptual level of existence (like sheep) they only see the imperfection of the effort, often failing to comprehend the effort itself.
    I’ve yet to meet a leftist that is capable of understanding abstractions as simple as the difference between rights and privileges, freedom and enslavement so as I’ve gotten older my contempt has grown and my tolerance of the their bullshit has shrunk.

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