Blame Whitey

Texas authorities arrested and charged a man in the fatal shooting of 7-year-old girl Jazmine Barnes, whose death captured national attention and sparked a manhunt for the killer.
The original reports from the family who witnessed the shooting death of Jasmine described the shooter as a “white male in his 30s.”


Now here is a new twist.
The family said the killer was a “white male in his 30s” but he was a black male… This is odd because the family who witnessed the shooting described the killer to the police.
And now we know the mother of Jazmine Barnes is a Facebook friend with her baby girl’s killer.

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12 Responses to Blame Whitey

  1. loaded4bear says:

    Local Houston news covered this story like somebody had just shot Obama. BOLO for a hooded white guy driving a red pickup – armed and dangerous – gotta get him off the streets – blah, blah blah ….

    Imagine my surprise when they trot out the first shooter. One of two black guys, who confessed and produced the gun they used. Oh yeah, he’s also FB friends with the mom.

    Way more to come on this one, folks.

  2. deb harvey says:

    they want it to be racvisal so they can sue sue sue and blow hot air on tv
    they must be so disappointed

  3. Lineman says:

    In case you haven’t been paying attention some people can’t play nice with others and they want us exterminated…If you notice they don’t even give a shit about their own progeny why would you think they would have even any thought of your life…The mother was buying drugs with her kids in the vehicle and then tried to drive away without paying prompting the gunfire….Seriously what sane person thinks that’s ok to have in society that you live in…Sad That…

    • the other jack says:

      The mother was buying drugs with her kids in the vehicle and then tried to drive away without paying prompting the gunfire…

      there it is. the common sense explanation for all of this.

  4. Andrew says:

    Family actively conspired to hide the truth. Mother was friends with shooters. And they tossed up a false hate crime on top of it.

    Odds of being charged for any of the many illegal things they did? Absofrigginlutely none, more’s the pity.

  5. TEXASLEGAL says:

    Ohhhhh….. Watching sheila jackson lee on national TV yesterday having to admit it was a black pos and not a white guy was priceless.. You could really tell that hurt her to have to admit it after all the “white guy” bullshit…

  6. Exile1981 says:

    So the mom new the killer and gave a false statement to police. So why would she misslead the cops? Unless the teason for the shooting was more important than finding her kids killer.

  7. Michael Montgomery says:

    Can’t even play the color blind card with this one.

  8. Joe Bob says:

    welll. sheeet. color me surprised. (odds on drugs being involved?)

  9. C.R. says:

    I suppose Al Sharpton & Jessie Jacksoff heard that the shooter was not white and turned the Lear jets around and went home . No race baiting here, gotta go…

  10. Skipperdaddy says:

    Well since the foodstamps are gonna stop she didnt really need the kid anymore. Just saying…

  11. Inbred Redneck says:

    Ain’t that the truth?

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