California to ban in 3… 2… 1…

Make a rule, and the first thing humans are going to do is try to find a way around it. It’s just what we do, and California’s onerous and byzantine gun restrictions are no exception to this basic fact of human nature.

The California gun market is rife with clever workarounds to the ban on scary-looking guns, and they tend to travel one of two different paths.

The first is to remove all the features that the state government has determined to make a gun “assault-y”: No pistol grips, folding or collapsible stocks, flash hiders, et cetera. Doing this allows the gun to retain its detachable magazines and results in some fairly bizarre and awkward-looking firearms.

The second pathway is to have a fixed magazine. Originally, this was defined as magazines that couldn’t be removed without a tool, and the common workaround was the “bullet button”. This being a magazine release that required a tool, such a the nose of a bullet, to depress the magazine release.

The definition was changed to a magazine that couldn’t be removed without breaking open the action. Most solutions currently on the market require the gun to be broken open for loading or unloading, which is terribly awkward.

Enter the CompMag, a first-time exhibitor at SHOT Show this year.

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  1. Bad_Brad says:

    We build a featureless gun with a muzzle brake, a (roll) pinned minimalist stock, and a Exile Hammer Head grip. You can still get your thumb around the Hammer head with the buffer tube exposed. The Hammer Heads been around for a long time and CalDoj has always considered it “Not a pistol grip”. No bullet button, so you can swap mags like the original design intent. A much faster reloading gun than a bullet but gun. If you leave the state, or shoot on private property it takes you two minutes to swap grips and drive the roll pin out of the stock. It’s the way to go.

    • pdxr13 says:

      A “feature-less” gun is somewhere between “gun-finger” and a stick with a pistol-grip stock (a trimmed branch, to arborists). Having McNamara’s mouse rifle less than select fire is absurd. All of this unconstitutional bother needs to be delegitimized by the fear of certain legislators (and their financiers) to leave their homes in the morning. You have a RIGHT to be armed with the most effective modern weapon available. If there are limits to personal arms, they are the limits placed on an active duty soldier (some weapons are issued only on higher authority due to crew-serve, anti-armor, following rules of armed conflict, etc.) but with the understanding that small-arms carried by an individual (weapons, parts, ammo, service information) are specifically exempt from State (read as “All Government”) restriction against unimpaired citizens of majority age. Impaired citizens shall be restored to all rights like a walking-around free adult upon their physical release from a custodial situation (meaning that you don’t let dangerous or persons needing close supervision return to society). The reason you let prior felons out and restore their rights, if they are suitable to be released, is that EQUALITY of persons is an essential element of US and Western Civilization Law. What we have now is a multi-tiered system with financiers on top, 9% as enforcers/lapdogs/legislators, and the 90% wondering why they work so hard and live not-so-well.

  2. enn ess says:

    I’ve always thought that if the silly bastards want to ban magazines that hold over 10 rounds, simply make one that uses a belt. Similar to those machine type firearms, then you don’t need no stinking magazine. It ain’t a magazine occifer, it be a box. Hell, ifn your serious, then you can just load up the pickup……. Like the article says, merkans are ingenious bastards, where there’s a law there’s a way around it. It’s what we do….

    • Aesop says:

      BTDT. The statute doesn’t just say “magazine” it also says “ammunition loading device”.
      If you have more than ten linked rounds in sequence, you’re a felon. Still.
      As every owner of the semi-auto M1919s and M2HBs knows.

      Nice try, though. So keep thinking those Deplorable thoughts.
      For firearms portable enough for them to care, stripper clips are the answer.

      On average, it takes them 10-20 years to figure out they’re being had, then re-write the laws, but only about a week to figure out the next five work-arounds.

      Like we needed proof that engineers are 500-1000 times smarter than politicians.

      FWIW, before they banned them, there were maybe 200K ARs and misnamed “assault rifles” in the state. After 1989, there were 2M.
      When the bullet button fix came out, that jumped to probably 10M, by SWAG, based on sales. And until 3-4 years ago, long guns weren’t part of the state’s records at all.
      So they’re all off CA’s books, and only recorded on paper-copy 4473s.
      Which is why the communists in the capitol are so distressed.

      And none of this hinders criminals, because by definition, they don’t obey those laws, and by the time that’s noticed, they’ve already hosed down a theater or schoolyard.

      As usual, this is just feel-good crap for the 80-IQ socialist would-be overlords in Excremento, CA.

      BTW, the article is a good explanation (hey, note the by-line). If the Comp-Mag isn’t a violation of CA law anyways, because it allows reloading without “breaking open the action”, it’ll sell like crazy until they re-write the statute. I’ll have to dig into the arcana of the current statutory abortion to see if it defeats the minutiae and still passes the smell test.

      If it does, I’ll be in the market for a few.
      But they’ll probably amend the language to make it non-compliant by next January.
      They’re running out of things to ban without just saying “all firearms”.

      Meanwhile, bog-stock M-1 Garands, M-1As, and Mini-14s (with “muzzle brakes” rather than “flash hiders”) are street-legal all day long though.
      Just no mags for the latter that hold more than 10 rounds.

      At least, not this side of the Zompocalypse.

      • Wirecutter says:

        So basically there’s 10 million ARs in the state that can’t carry the amount of ammo of an AR, can’t be loaded like an AR, and with all the restrictions on external features, doesn’t even look like an AR.
        I’d rather have an M-1 or a 1903 Springfield. At least those can be reloaded quicker.

        • Aesop says:

          Not quite.
          There’s 10M ARs in the state.

          How they’re supposed to be configured is what’s in the law.
          How they’re actually configured is anyone’s guess.

          They haven’t knocked on my door to ask me to have a look at mine, and from all accounts, they haven’t knocked on several million other doors either.

          That’s the point: it’s a waste-of-time law, to make people afraid of guns feel better about their phobias.

          Actual crimes prevented: 0.
          Criminals created: 10M.

          Exactly as intended.

          As prevention, it’s about as effective as a paper restraining order is on a stalker.

          And as both of us noted, you can reload things like Garands, M-1As, Mini-14s and stock SKS rifles all day long, just as originally designed.

          All they’ve done is to drive sales towards different weapons, going forward.

          It’s going to work out exactly like it has the last three times.
          Put up more cones, and people will just drive around them.

          • Wirecutter says:

            Okay, I’m seriously doubting that 10 million number you claim when California’s population is about 40 million. That means there’s an AR for every fourth man, woman and child in the State. Seeing as the vast majority of the population are liberals living in areas such as the coastal regions and SoCal, not to mention the huge amount of liberals from the coast that have relocated to the interior of the State, I doubt 95% of those people have actually held an AR, much less own one.

            Secondly, what fucking good is a non-compliant AR when you have to tear down and rebuild the damned thing to make it compliant when you dare to take it out to shoot? That’s not resisting, that’s knuckling under to the law.

            There comes a time when a smart man realizes that he’s losing and the best solution is to move and leave the State to self destruct.

            • Aesop says:

              First, terminology:
              When I say ARs I mean CA’s misnamed “assault rifles” of all types.
              There are easily 10M of those floating around.
              One retailer in SoCal has been selling 1000-1500/week for over 10 years. That’s 3+M right there.

              But as the Legos of the gun world, AR-15 clones are definitely the most numerous.
              The people that own them own multiples.
              At one point a full-built AR-15 clone was cheaper than most decent handguns from the Big Three.

              Guys would walk in and buy 10 AR-clone lowers for $500-700, then have the completion parts – uppers, lower parts kits, etc. – (all not a firearm) shipped to their door.

              I know multiple people who have enough to fill a military armory rack or two, and they’re average.

              Varmint/target shooter, couple of telescoping stock M-4geries, solid stock, .300 Blackout, 2-4 in pistol calibers from 9mm to .45, and then got bit by the .308/AR-10 bug.
              It adds up.

              That’s not 25% of the state’s pop., probably more like a couple of million folks, but it’s a crapton of rifles, and I’ve seen it at gun counters times beyond counting, as a customer, and as occasional help.

              I won’t say how many I have, or had, but I’ve sold two extras, and have a number of unbuilt lowers just gathering dust, besides the rifles.
              And I’ll probably buy some more de-nutted featureless ones just to have something I can take to a local range.

              The only place I can’t shoot non-conforming ones is in-state, in public.
              Private land ranges are catch me-fuck me if I dared, but pulling the takedown pins, and going to Vegas or AZ with boxes of parts is a semi-annual event. It takes 5 minutes to make a shootable rifle, and five more to make it a gaggle of parts I can own but not assemble in-state. So I break no laws coming nor going.
              And I can attend courses out-of-state anywhere I want to drive.

              If someone can’t afford a tank of gas and a weekend off, I feel for them.

              And yeah, this state’s going to go broke, and self-destruct. I’m counting on it. And I’m not alone.

              But I’ll surrender this portion of American territory to the people making it Calizuela when they pry it from my cold, dead fingers.

              I’m glad you’re happy where you are, really I am, but I was born here, and I’ll die here. And when the whole rotten Stalinist wet dream they’ve fornicated it into being comes down in a flaming wreck, I like my odds of getting my state back, because no one in the other 49 is going to give two wet farts to helping them out when they go bankrupt. Please, don’t!

              That’s a feature to me, not a bug.

              Hate on the Leftards in Excremento all you like; I share your opinion of them. There is nothing too evil, too stupid, or both, that they wouldn’t do.
              And them going down like Soviet Russia is the plan. It happens every time it’s been tried.

              Maybe grandkids can experience what this state was like when I grew up here. Once 10M illegals self-deport, and the toothless banjo-playing misfits of liberalism from the Other 49 move back in with their cousins, because there’s no more welfare gravy train here.

              Just don’t hate on people because they don’t want to join you in your Appalachian paradise.
              (Besides, if we all did that, and TN’s population was doubled by refugee “Californians”, you’d hate it, the locals’ kids would be priced out of their home state, and you’d just want to move again, amirite?) There’s really no place to run in the long run. And if TN starts getting stupid, like FL and TX and ID and MT are already doing, where to next…? (Oh, and bonus points, even though it won’t be your fault, you’ll be blamed anyway as being one of those ” damned Californians who f****d up the state” you’re in now if/when that happens. Even though that will probably be New Yorkers other east coast city folk and such.)

              I wish it was actual Californians crapping in their punchbowl (for any value of that from Oregon to Florida); it’d be fair return for what their misfit cousins did to CA.

              I’m happy for anyone who’s happy where they live, especially those who love their home state, natural or adopted. I’ve seen most of this country, and there’s plenty of reason to like where you are, wherever that is. (Buffalo and Cleveland probably excepted.)

              But I’m pissed as hell about what’s been done to mine, and I plan on being an ornery disagreeable sonofabitch to those that are screwing that pooch here until I see them on fire, or swinging from lampposts.

              Pensions alone are going to blow the whole thing up in a few more years, if the entire world’s economy doesn’t take the mother of all sh*ts first.

              And then, those readily-convertible-but-legal-now ARs may come it kind of handy.

              Which is exactly what keeps @$$holes like CA senators Fineswine and Kneepads up sleepless at night.

              I hope you can understand that, even though it’s not the course of action you chose.

              And I salute the makers of any device, like the magazine mentioned in the OP that sabotages our would-be overlords’ attempts to de-gun the populace. The lazy asstards who decided CA was “too hard” to sell products to can kiss my @$$, eat sh*t, and die.
              But the ones who’ve gone out of their way to monkeywrench socialism here from where they are, like his holiness, St. Ronnie Barrett, who made a CA-compliant M-82 that isn’t a .50BMG just to piss off the liberals in this state, and won’t repair cop .50BMGs until they let civilians here buy them, are rock stars.

              Thanks for the time and the space, Kenny.
              And keep doing what you do.
              It’s funny as hell every day, and a better news source than ABCNNBCBS and Drudge, combined, whether you meant for it to be or not.

              • Wirecutter says:

                This article here claims only about a million ‘assault’ rifles in the state and a bunch of them are owned by people that own several. Granted, those are preassembled rifles or completed lowers, but still, there were a lot more of those sold that 80% lowers and kits.

                Now, enough arguing about guns and on to the second part of your comment.
                I was the same way as you as far as being born and dying there, and I’m sure if you go back a few years here you can find where I publicly stated that several times. But times change. I can remember when I was a kid, my part of California was mostly white or Californio, Latinos who’s ancestors were here before whites, and everybody got along fine. But over the past 20 years or so I started seeing an influx of Mexicans coming up from below the border as well as SoCal, and those people were militant. Suddenly it was white against brown and we were seriously outnumbered.
                Then there was the liberal politics. It just kept getting worse and worse. And it wasn’t just about guns, it started to affect every damned aspect of my life, everything from how I carried my dog in my truck to what I could buy without being notified that it could cause cancer.
                Smog checks.
                Rising housing costs.
                Water rationing.
                Chronic unemployment.
                The list goes on and on.

                It was time to leave. I hated the job I held for 24 years, but you know as well as I do that in the Central Valley you don’t quit a job because it may be years before you find another one, especially if you’re not bilingual. But I knew I had to continue to work at that job for the rest of my life even though I was eligible to retire because my retirement wouldn’t be nearly enough to survive on anywhere in California.
                I didn’t pick Tennessee because of the Freedom, I picked it because this is where my wife’s grandkid’s live and she wanted to be part of their lives. I just happened to get lucky that they lived in a Free State.

                Man, did I get lucky.
                The place we bought would’ve run us close to $750k had we bought it in California. We paid $121k for it.
                The last time I filled up, day before yesterday, it cost me 32 bucks at $1.95 a gallon.
                My water bill last month was 22 dollars and trust me, we do not ration.
                My truck registration is less than a hundred dollars a year.
                None of my trailers have to be registered.
                I can drive down the main highway between Lafayette and Portland where my in-laws live, about 40 miles, and see less than 250 cars on an average day.
                That’s just everyday stuff.

                As far as guns go, there’s almost no limit.
                My weapons permit cast me less than $150 between the fees and cost of the required class and I had it in my hands 22 days after I thought “Hmmm, I believe I’ll apply for my permit tomorrow.”
                About the only place I can’t carry my gun is the post office or the courthouse. I don’t have any business around schools, so that’s not an issue with me.
                I can shoot what I want anywhere on my property.
                I can shoot any kind of ammo I want with no restrictions on lead ammo.
                I can and sometimes do carry a loaded AR in my truck because here your vehicle is an extension of your castle.
                You want an AR pistol? Order that kit, go down and buy the lower (and take it home that same day), put it all together, then go shoot that bitch off your back porch or take it to the range. The only people saying anything will be folks admiring it.

                About people hating Californians, that’s very true in States bordering California but the further you get from it, the less you see of that. Besides, it’s the liberal Californians they hate, not the conservative ones. And you really don’t have to tell anyone where you came from, to be honest.
                I was kind of worried about that attitude myself, but then I realized that about half the people I run into around here are from someplace else themselves and as long as I adapted to their way of life and didn’t try to change anything, I was cool with them.

                My point it, there’s better places to live than California. And if you leave out places like New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Oregon, Washington and Illinois, you’ll a lot more free, regardless of the State you choose.

                Think about it, Aesop. Seriously. It’s a hard decision to say “Fuck it, it’s time to roll” but it’s a great decision to make.

                • Aesop says:

                  We understand each other, I think.

                  I think about what it would mean to move out daily.
                  And I’ve weighed the costs, pro and con.

                  Let’s have a chat in about a year.

                  I’m staying in CA, but I’m not going to die on a hill in SoCal if I can help it.

                  When L.A. is swept by flea-borne typhus, I won’t be on the medical relief team, I’ll be the one putting out food for the Norwegian brown rats.

                  • crazyeighter says:

                    Is L.A. going to ease the restrictions on pellet guns and .22s and offer a 50-cent bounty on rats.
                    (Hollow laugh.)

  3. M.Silvius says:

    fixed mag? no problem, think stripper clips….it even quicker then a mag swap
    and the mini 14 version

  4. Antibubba says:

    A “featureless” rifle is no less accurate or deadly, and it can be loaded the regular way. I’d prefer a straight stock option, but the Thorsden comes closest.

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