Chicks dig soldiers

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  1. rayvet says:

    Nice picture. Reminds one of when the Europeans were appreciative of what we were doing for them. Now half of them are Mooselimbs and they don’t give a rats ass about the umbrella of protection we’ve provided for the past decades.

  2. Steve says:

    WAIT… that that toxic masculinity I’ve been hearing about!??!!?!??


  3. Elmo says:

    God Bless America.

  4. nwoldude says:

    Very nice display of TM.
    Are those regular issue boots he has on?

  5. fishdawg says:

    Our last justifiable war…

    • Hybo says:

      Brother vs. brother, hardly justifiable in my opinion. Should have listened to Patton when he said we are fighting on the wrong side. We could have wiped out communism but instead helped them destroy East Europe and Germany.

      • pigpen51 says:

        You are forgetting a place called Pearl Harbor. We were fighting on two fronts, the Japanese and the Germans. That the Russians were our allies was merely a coincidence. Remember it has been said that politics makes strange bedfellows.

        It is always both hard to justify war, and easy to justify war. It depends upon whether you win or not.

        • james says:

          And Germany declared war on the U.S. a few days after Pearl Harbor.

          the ussr was as bad as nazi germany, same ideology, but there wasn’t any option at the time.

      • rayvet says:

        I’m curious (not trying to argue) what you mean by Brother vs brother in WW2? I’ve heard that term in civil war, but never WW2. I’m from a family of immigrants, many of whom were from Germany, but my grandpa had no problem going over there and shooting Nazis.

        • Andrew says:

          Well, if you look at the Eastern Front, where National Socialists (Nazis and Fascists (Italian National Socialists) fought International Socialists, well, it kinda was Brother vs Brother, if you consider Socialists of any color to be brothers.

          But that was more Western Europe vs Eastern Europe which has been going on since before the Rus (western Europeans) took over what became Russia et al (eastern Europeans.)

          Otherwise, he got the wrong war.

          Now WWI was really one group of one big royal extended family having a tiff with other groups of the big royal extended family, all while emerging national (vs principality) identities were emerging and tossing that oil on the family feud fire.

          Lots of American Germans really enjoyed the shellacking we gave the Nazi Germans in WWII.

          Surprising considering the shoddy way the US government treated American Germans during WWI. Seriously, Woodrow Wilson and his collection of Progressive Democrats really screwed the Americans of German and Austrian origins over during WWI. Doing all sorts of things that FDR ended up doing to Japanese Americans and some German Americans and Italian Americans during WWII. What? Do you think that whole forced selling of Japanese American businesses and moving them to ‘resettlement camps’ was a new idea in the 20th Century? Nope, just expanding what Wilson did in 1916-18.

          A bit of family history. My dad, a Cajun, after meeting some French Air Force pilots after WWII, suddenly understood why Germany kept kicking France’s ass since the Franco Prussian War. Because the Frogs (collectively) deserved it. (yes, there are nice French people, but collectively, assholes since Charles Martel came to power…)

        • Hybo says:

          I mean European-American vs. European. All those lives lost for the international bankers. I am from Europe coming here when I was 3. My ancestors were on the Axis side and had a very different perspective on the war. Starving, watching a red cross train that they were on being fired upon by American planes. Plainly marked. History is always written by the victors. I would suggest your own research. Germany and others paid an overwhelming price to be free from the bankers.

          • rayvet says:

            OOOOOKKKAAYYY!!. You’re one of those folks. Now I know why you referred to it as brother against brother. If you’re family was on the losing side of the war, I understand why you were taught and told what you were. Here in America, that’s being called a sore loser. I would say the axis side of the war is like asking the Palestinians who the bad guys are. Oh wait, Israelis=Jews=Bankers. Woops, that won’t fly with you people either. I give up.

            • Hybo says:

              “I’m curious (not trying to argue)”….”you people”. Thought we were going to have an intelligent conversation. Nope, do your research and come back without your righteous attitude. I give up.

      • Andrew says:

        No. That was WWI, we should have sided with the Kaiser.

        WWII was definitely Bash the Fascists and Nazis (both variations of National Socialism) and should have ended with us punching International Socialism (via the USSR) so hard in it’s collective nutsack that they would have reinstalled a real Tsar.

        But, no, feckless FDR never met an international socialist he and his bitch wife didn’t like, so we ended up supporting Stalin and his jerks and Mao and his pack of assholes and then suddenly wonder why the world went to shit in 1946.

        Asshole FDR coulda supported solely the National Chinese, but his support of Mao and the ChiComs ensured that the Nationalists would end up beating feet to Taiwan. Asshole. Course, by 1943 it was really Eleanor who was pulling the strings, fulfilling a role that Hillary took over in 1993.

        But enough of history.

        WWII was a righteous war. Korea could have been, so could have Vietnam. But we let, first International Politicians via the UN and then just Democratic Politicians via LBJ (hwack ptooie) and his pack of jackals destroy any chance of quick and righteous victory in both conflicts.

        Man, I really have to put the soapbox away…

        • warhorse says:

          imagine how different the world would be if we had backed the nationalists in china. turn the B-29’s to missions over where mao was sitting. the korean war would have been a walk in the park. china would have come along about how japan did, maybe more slowly. but allies or at least not hostile to us. the russians wouldn’t have liked it but they were pretty tired after what the germans did to ’em. not much they could have done about it.

          plenty of lost opportunities. like if we had rebuilt germany after WW1 and forgiven their debt. WW2 likely wouldn’t have happened at all. but the fucking french and english both thought they were owed, and by god the germans were gonna pay.

          or if the Christmas Truce of 1914 had caught on. if all the soldiers had just looked across the trenches and said “that guy is just like me, I don’t think I’ll shoot him today. or tomorrow. and the officers can get fucked.”

  6. Ray Mota says:

    Note guard dog sitting at parade rest, but ever vigilant.

  7. enn ess says:

    Back when men were men and knew that to BE a man meant being able to provide for, protect & defend their families, communities, and country. They could admit they were wrong and explain why they were right. Made no excuses.
    Now look at what our society is turning out, males that can’t figure out if their punched or bored, which bathroom to use or to wear or not wear earrings.
    Never did have any luck in the chicks digging soldiers dept.

  8. Ace Rimmer says:

    That’s about as heartwarming a picture as there is. We had over boots like those when I was a kid growing up in the ’60’s. My buddy Chris and I were walking to school one snow morning when the local monster Boris the St. Bernard chased us and got ahold of Chris’ boot. He had to give it up as Boris needed something to play with I guess. He never quite convinced his mother that “Boris ate my boot”. Good times. Great picture, Thanks Kenny.

  9. The Old Salt says:

    Looks like Bill Mauldin, the famed cartoonist.

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