Coyote killing tournament sparks anger among activists for tearing families apart

A popular coyote hunting tournament in North Carolina is being blasted by animal rights activists, who insist the killing is tearing apart coyote families and creating orphans.

The Carolina Coyote Classic is set to hold its sixth annual hunt Feb, 8, 9 and 10 in Stanly County, with cash prizes for the biggest kill and hunting teams that bring in the most dead coyotes.


There was a small town in New Mexico that held an annual tournament up until a few years, using the proceeds to buy sports equipment for their high school until the PETAphiles stepped in and put a stop to it.
As I recall, it was a small local event that drew absolutely no attention whatsoever until a family from out of state moved in, then those fine folks notified PETA about it. That year was their final hunt.

You can read about it HERE and HERE on my old blog.

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19 Responses to Coyote killing tournament sparks anger among activists for tearing families apart

  1. Jeffery in Alabama says:

    We sometimes see a similar scenario played out where I live. Our lake and national forest draws retiree’s , etc., and one of the first thing some of these folks do is try to change their new “home” into the socialist hellhole from which they fled. Most of the time this involves animal and environmental issues (i.e. recent Californian neighbors having a coronary and filming people burning outdoors).

    • Wirecutter says:

      I gotta tell you, even after 3 years of living here I still get a shiver down my back when I see smoke. But at the same time, I use the hell out of my burn barrel and have no problem piling up wood scraps and lighting them off.

      • Jeffery in Alabama says:

        LOL! I figure people do the same in north central TN as they do in NW Alabama. We burn everything including leaves, yards, pastures, fields, garbage, etc. The forest service (USDA) alternates years they burn a huge part of the app. 190,000 acre forest. For weeks the air is hazy and your clothes sometimes smell like smoke, but they have never had a controlled burn get out of control. When the Californians fist moved in they would video me and another “weekender” neighbor burning leaves and brush. They are good folks bur are just scared to death of burning and do not understand why we don’t have leash laws (FML). Their son-in-law finally got the wife transplant calmed down, convinced her not to call the “authorities” and stop filming. He told her, “that is just what they do down here”. LOL!

      • Butch says:

        My burn barrels kept rotting out too soon. So, I found some thin skinned pipe, it’s about 1/4″ wall, maybe 5/16″ and it is 32″ diameter.

        The top is about 30 ” off the ground with three bricks under the bottom rim. How thick is a brick? 2″ maybe. The bricks provide air gap all the way around the bottom. I use about a quart of diesel to enhance the burn and once lit, within 15 seconds there’s good flames coming out the top and it roars, from pulling the air in the bottom. Our trash is burned to almost nothing except a handfull of ashes and it doesn’t smolder half the day smelling like burning plastic and garbage.

        We compost most all our wet garbage, and metal cans and glass goes in a bag to be dropped in the garbage receptacle next time we get gas.

        So, all we’re burning is paper and plastic. Our “burn barrel” is converting everything put into it back to the original elements. And the whole burn process is over with in about 20 minutes.

        Only on Earth day and other eco-weirdo days will I burn tires, and I wait till dark because of the beautiful carbon smoke. Goodness, it can become so dense it blots out the moon. I burn tires on the ground, they are too large for my barrel.

        Any enviro-wacko is welcome to come on the acreage and complain. And I will show and explain how efficient my burn barrel really is. Then I’ll call Pick ‘N’ pull to drop by to pick up an abandoned vehicle outside our gate.

  2. Mad Jack says:

    When I lived out in Mad City, WI, the local birdcage liner stated that there was a coyote problem in Mad City, and that there’d be a town meeting to try and figure out what to do. Well, I went to the meeting and told the local elected weasels that, for a reasonable fee and expenses, I’d get old Commander Cody and the South Dakota Coyote Control Posse to come out and control the coyotes. I said we’d have ’em all on the run one way or another.

    They just didn’t understand, I guess.

    Virtually everyone in the know will tell you that coyotes have one function in life, and that’s to provide a moving target from time to time. That’s the one and only benefit to having coyotes. But these days it isn’t the coyotes that worry me, and it isn’t the PETA morons.

    It’s the half breeds.

    Wolves got reintroduced some years ago, and the wolves and the coyotes have been getting together. As a result, we’ve now got small wolves that think like coyotes, and that’s a big difference from the actual wolf. In addition to that, we’ve got coyotes that will go 80 pounds and look like a wolf, and the wolf, as we all know, is on the endangered species list (I might be wrong about this. I hope.), so shoot and deny everything.

    • MN Steel says:

      If you get popped for shooting a “wolf” just do like the Yoopers do…

      Tell them to send the blood to three different universities to prove that it was a pure-breed wolf.

      Case dismissed.

  3. Walnut1 says:

    It’s illegal now in California too. Surprise, surprise. The last one we had was several years ago.

    • enn ess says:

      What isn’t illegal in Califucinornia? I’d be willing to wager you could fit what IS LEGAL in that state on a 3″x5″ card, with a 2″x3″ pic of the governor and still have room left over……

  4. just add violence says:

    Activist hunting season ?

    Tags for whomever wants em !!!

  5. Elmo says:

    For 30 years, my county used to host car races at the fairgrounds. They were a tradition that most of the Cousin Jacks loved. Then a lawyer from the Bay Area retired and bought a home almost a mile away. He immediately filed suit, claiming that the noise devalued his property, which he must have purchased at the devalued price.

    Talk about a fraud and hypocrite. People like him are now in full control of county government.

  6. soapweed says:

    Ostracize/shun the unwanted newcomers, let’em find a different nesting site…..

  7. Mike_C says:

    Throw the orphan coyotes over the Vito Wall. And the Bay Area lawyer while we’re at it.

  8. Aesop says:

    Hold a charity hunt of NIMBY’s and PETA-philes instead.
    You’ll triple the charity haul, and cleanse the county in the process.


  9. BillDave says:

    They still hold predator hunts here in the Hill country of Texas.

  10. Weso Phuct says:

    Go down to the Mexican border. There’s a lot of coyotes there that need shooting.

  11. ChuckN says:

    I see no problem of using the Petaphiles as bait, which ironically enough the very same animals the ecofreaks want to ‘protect’ are only to happy to eat.

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