Damn, the comments alone are worth clicking on the link

Florida – -(AmmoLand.com)- My name is Marion Hammer. I’ve written in AmmoLand News before…

I work as a gun rights lobbyist on gun rights for the NRA and for it’s Florida affiliate – Unified Sportsmen of Florida. I tell you this for three reasons:


Those comments just goes to show that there’s a lot of us that are unhappy with the Kings of the Hill – a lot more than I realized.

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  1. rayvet says:

    Marion is one of my clients Aunts. I got to meet her one time when she was up from Florida visiting with her nieces. She’s one hell of a nice lady. Tough as nails. I know why politicians hate sitting across from her when arguing about 2A. Based on my limited experience, I believe her letter there is truly sincere. What I think the problem might be is that like politicians, these upper level NRA folks see things from a different perspective. Not necessarily better/worse than our perspective, just different. I don’t know what the good answer is (clean house, term limits) but I feel bad that some of those comments really were extreme considering I met this woman and she truly believes in the cause the NRA fights for.

  2. Jonathan says:

    I’m not a fan of them – to me, they seem more concerned about raising money with shrill complaints than supporting what is of importance to me.

  3. whynot says:

    I’m a member because I have to be (teaching issue). Beyond that, nope…..

  4. Nemo says:

    I quit the NRA 10 years ago after having been a member for 40 years. Between the never ending solicitations for more More MORE money and the dearth of results and outright capitulation on numerous rights crushing bills in both houses of CONgress and the exorbitant salaries and perks for the “officers” of the organization, I wouldn’t piss on the NRA if it was on fire.

    The LSGR graphic above is all you need to know about NRA's organization.

  5. arc says:

    They won’t oppose infringements on my 2A rights, well, they get nothing. GOA all the way…

  6. .45-70 says:

    I dropped them 30 or so years ago.

    I was sick of the constant junk mail and I didn’t want any of the magazines. (I tried to get them stopped) but it just kept coming….pissed me off.

    They also sell their mailing lists to others.

    The only way to change was to quit…so I did.

  7. FaCubeItches says:

    The article stated that Wayne LaPierre is a humble guy. Makes sense, he has much to be humble about.

  8. Mad Jack says:

    Some years back I was a member of the NRA. The last time the NRA called me about renewing my membership I told them it was conditional – I’ll renew provided I never hear from you again. The phone calls and junk mail were endless, but to give them credit they did stop.

  9. singlestack says:

    I’ve been an Endowment level NRA member since my early 20s. I’m also a life member of GOA and a former life member of CCRKBA and SAF. (Alan Gottlieb can eat shit and go fuck himself. He’s worse than Wayne LaPierre.)
    When a member of NRAs BoD, Joaquin Jackson, made a statement supporting the AWB I wrote them a letter stating that as long as he or anyone who holds that position is on the BoD they will never see another penny from me.
    I get almost no junk mail from them any more. What I do get goes in the trash unopened.

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