Damn, too bad they had second thoughts

A since-deleted Facebook post shows a Nashville, TN affiliate of the left-wing terrorist organization Antifa attempting to establish “Anti fascist zones” over the New Years holiday.

In the post, which mistakenly labels New Years as “January 31st,” they call for “free engagement” against who they consider “fascists” in areas of the city circled on a map.


I wonder why they changed their minds?
Was it because Tennessee’s Castle Doctrine also applies to our vehicles, we have no ‘duty’ to retreat if we’re lawfully in an area, and we are free to use deadly force if we have a reasonable suspicion our lives or anybody else’s is threatened?
Or maybe it was because you don’t need a permit to carry a loaded firearm in your car? I mean, I don’t know a single person here that doesn’t carry a gun in their vehicle. This ain’t Portland, you know.
The bloodbath would’ve been epic. I can see it now – some little antifa bitch in a hoodie kicking a pickup truck while screaming “Racist” and then Bubba calmly unloading all 13 rounds into him saying “Yeah, so what?”

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16 Responses to Damn, too bad they had second thoughts

  1. Joe Blow says:

    Dontcha just love living in the free State of Tennessee?

  2. nonncom says:

    I have a friend who had some dumbass approach his pickup with a knife demanding he hand over his wallet….he said sure, let me get it out of the glove compartment, to which he pulled out the Judge he had in there…..now, I don’t necessarily think that is the ultimate weapon or anything, but I’ll bet that thing looked huge to the guy with the knife….I’ll venture that the smell of feces was strong at that moment….

  3. Notorious Mrs. D. says:

    I heard they once planned to hold a demonstration in Auburn, AL. Once they figured out how things might really work, plans were cancelled.

  4. Steven says:

    I was in Nashville ( nashvegas ) that night. All I saw was overweight housewives all liquored up, trying to act 20 years younger!


  5. Phssthpok says:

    Alright, Kenny… you KNOW this calls for a repost of your classic ‘spraying a hippy down at an intersection’ story. The Classics are called that for a reason! They never get old.

  6. Weso Phuct says:

    They didn’t change their mind, they are waiting until January 31st.

  7. RosalindJ says:

    Hmm. They’re hosting a “Cantifa – Anti-Fascist Bar Night” on 19 January from 8-10 local at a place called Cafe Coco on Louise Ave that bills itself as a “fun and eclectic meeting place [that] blurs the distinction between coffee house, music venue and restaurant/caterer.”

    They’re open for 24 hours Thursday, Friday & Satuday. Here’s how they’re billing it on their event page. Gotta wonder how this will go over.

  8. the other jack says:

    maga hats and concealed carry go together well.

  9. Paul Kanesky says:

    Several months ago (4-5) I read an article about a 74 year old man being beat up by some antifa punks for wearing a MAGA hat.
    I’m not what anyone would call a fan boy, so I didn’t have a MAGA hat but managed to get one within 1 week of reading the news about that assault.
    Did I mention that I am 74 years old also.
    Have now worn that MAGA hat every day. So far my fishing attempt has failed, and I even go to Starbucks regularly.
    Maybe someday
    Paul in Texas

  10. just add violence says:

    We don’t need no castle doctrine nor permits.

    Shoot-shovel-shut up works anywhere it truly needs to. They’re certainly asking for it.

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