Good luck with that

A proposed law in Tennessee would make it illegal to drink unpasteurized milk from your own cow, goat or sheep.

Tennessee state senator Richard Briggs, a medical doctor, wants to make it illegal to drink milk fresh from your own animal.

His proposed bill would remove current language in state law that guarantees the right to consume unpasteurized milk from an animal that you either fully or partially own.

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21 Responses to Good luck with that

  1. Exile1981 says:

    When similar laws have been passed in other places its made certain cheeses illegal to buy as well.

  2. Mac says:

    How will this be enforced? I hate people who take it upon themselves to micromanage others.

  3. warhorse says:

    ok moron…how the hell will you enforce it?

    here in NH you don’t even have to own the animal, not even part of it. you just buy it.

    • crazyeighter says:

      Don’t say things like that; these RINOs here in Tennessee will come up with a registration system for cattle just like we have for cars and motorcycles.

  4. Jeffery in Alabama says:

    Obviously, Mr. Briggs is bought and paid for by big dairy interests or just a wild-eyed liberal do gooder, or both. I would think the electorate of Tennessee has bigger fish to fry, but once again it appears we have a situation where an elected person occupies a position of minor authority and he believes he has been transformed into a god who knows better for his “subjects” than his “subjects” know for themselves. Most of Tennessee is rural and not that far removed from the milk cow and churn. I truly hope Mr. Briggs’ political career is about to come to a close.

  5. tomrdcinc says:

    So is it animal cruelty to let a calf do the same?

  6. garyinbama says:

    I have drank many gallons I bought in tenn. Amish communities. As long as its for sale im a customer. If you have never had it, it puts store bought to shame!

  7. CC says:

    Yeah, because it’s so common for Smallpox and other diseases to be transmitted from the dairy barn these days.
    This asshole probably thinks that illegal immigration, that undeniably actually DOES import loathsome disease, is A-OK.

  8. pdwalker says:

    What fuck with these assholes who want to stick their nose right up my ass to check my business and tell me what to do?

    We need to start selling horsewhips so we can properly instruct any shithead that gets the urge to tell me what to do.

    Make it long enough so you can hang them if they actually try to pass a law.

    (This is really getting under my skin today…)

  9. fjord says:

    But millions of filth ridden parasites pouring across our border to infect us with turd world diseases is aided and abetted with our own tax dollars.
    I’m so tired of these shitbag petty tyrants.

  10. Scruff says:

    We really need to cull the ruling class.

  11. bogsidebunny says:

    Is drinking unpasteurized breast milk from your own mother next on the hit-list? And if so the police will have to gear up with babycuffs.

  12. Skipperdaddy says:

    Unicorns are exempt.

  13. ohno!@luis says:

    …….cow, goat or sheep tittie milk police now?

  14. Sanders says:

    That yahoo needs a Harry Reid type “tune up” by some concerned citizen to teach him that it is not government’s business to mind everyone else’s business.

  15. Bacon says:

    I don’t drink milk, I consider it an ingredient not a beverage. In the last 20 years I think I’ve only had it once (when they fucked with that Amish farmer, had to raise a toast to him), but if they do this I’ll start drinking it raw. BFYTW.

    • Butch says:

      I stopped drinking milk when I was weaned. I eat cheese and real butter, will have some cottage cheese with lots of black pepper and Italian dressing on it. But to drink milk with hair, blood, puss and whatever else scum may be or fall into it, nope, not drinking it.

      Around Christmas I may drink a couple of half gallons of eggnog, and maybe during the summer I might buy a quart of buttermilk to drink, but I don’t like anything about just milk.

      I will cook with cream, but most of what I will take that is dairy has been filtered several times and skimmed and processed so many times I am banking on the hope that most of the shit has been removed.

      Around here, it is the people who advertise raw milk (cow, goat or sheep) and fresh eggs that the cops bust. If you have stuff like that to sell, it is word of mouth.

      I would like to buy some fresh butchered rabbit every now and then. So I ask around and no one knows nothing. I’m not sure what has happened to that product.

      • Bacon says:

        Butch, cleanliness is the main reason why I’m glad that so many dairy products are now certified kosher. It’s a major benefit even for those who don’t keep kosher because the rabbis insist on a much higher standard than the government inspectors. They observe the entire process and they won’t certify if there’s any trace of blood or the other crap you mentioned in the milk.

  16. Trib says:

    So no breast milk or ladies letting junior suck her tits on the bus?

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