Got preps? Guns? Ammo?

The country would face an economic hellscape if the government shutdown lasts “months or even years,” as the president has suggested it might, experts tell NBC News.

The doomsday scenario might be unlikely — the longest the federal government has ever shut down is 21 days, a record that will fall if the current closure lasts until Saturday — but it is chilling.

“We’ll be in no man’s land,” Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics, told NBC News.

If the worst were to happen, experts say the devastating impact would be widespread:

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21 Responses to Got preps? Guns? Ammo?

  1. Sanders says:

    NBC? Nothing But Crap

    I hope the government stays shut down. It’s too bloated, anyway.

  2. kansasredneck says:

    Back when we had the ObamAA- shutdown, he closed the parks and monuments so people would take it seriously. I won’t take it seriously until they close the Interstates, roll them up and stick em in a warehouse. OK, even them I woi’n care, I have 4wd.
    The Army Navy Marines and Air Force have not been sent home. What other part of government is essential? Congress? Send them home, they are the least essential of all.

  3. Muzzle Blast says:

    Nobody seems to feel sorry for the folks shutdown and left for broke by the government …

  4. wes says:

    You know I haven’t noticed a thing from this shutdown other than some extended family members who suck off uncle sugars’ tit complaining about not getting paid.

    They don’t like it when I start asking questions about non-essential personnel and where’s my guarantee of back pay for not working and so on.


  5. anonymous says:

    Cheetos . . . go bigly on the Cheetos people . . . barrios and ghettos will burn without it. :^)

    Way too much fuss on this. Just what do people think happens to those who get laid off or lose their jobs PERMANENTLY (vs. temporary like this shut-down) ? Every grown ass person should build and have an ’emergency fun’ that would keep them afloat for at least a month without incoming funds. The MSM thinks the Apocolypse is nearly here (Oh God OH GOD – where will I get the monies !!)

  6. crazyeighter says:

    NBC “News”

    What a bunch of fucking drama-llamas.

    • Elmo says:

      Did you catch Chuck Todd’s ‘Climate Change’ special edition of Meet the Press a couple of weekends ago? It wasn’t drama, it was comedy.

      The science is settled. Chuck Todd is an ideological idiot.

  7. NewVegasBadger says:

    If the Federal Government is still taking money from your paycheck for taxes, then the Government has NOT been shut down. This is all kabuki theater. Back pay will happen.

  8. pkerot says:

    government shut down is FAKE. They have only shut down non essential services and why do we have nonessential services anyway?? Shutting down the government will be welcomed as long as they STOP MAKING MORE LAWS!!!

  9. Plan_K_Ton says:

    Note that the normal budget process was replaced by so-called “continuing resolutions” back in the Obama era. It has not returned to normal. Also note that the country still has power, water, infrastructure. The only people complaining are the parasites in government. It is instructive to also note that those same people, or those cut from the same afterbirth, are the ones who never cared about the problems that I or my wife brought to them for fixing.
    Why should I care about bureaucrats and minions missing paychecks when they did not give a flying crap about my issues when I had to tough it out? Screw them.

  10. Paraclete says:

    The lack of food inspection is probably the most
    important service that’s placing folks in the cross hairs.
    The rest is clearing out of the “dead wood” in the
    government…as it’s grown too large.
    The tax collecting problem has been proven to be solvable…
    Other countries have overcome this with great success.
    It’s called, “flat tax rate”.
    This will spread the burden equally and even raise more
    revenue than with any previous or existing plan.
    With the growth in jobs, those who’re on the “dole”
    should be able to “supplement” their government
    handouts by finding a “real job”.
    With more folks working, the economy will grow and
    the markets will recover.
    Area disasters are the responsibilities of the states
    and local businesses and religious orders which would
    be found in the affected areas.
    Naturally, the fed gov should help when and where able.
    Only to get infrastructure up and running again…
    not rebuilding the homes of those who shouldn’t
    have built in the way of flooding and hurricanes that
    occur on a semi-regular basis.
    God didn’t ordain government to be a welfare org
    I encourage all to seek out, and read,
    “The Christian and Civil Government” written by
    John Weaver

    • Frank says:

      At this point, I’d be a bit leery of anything that raises more tax revenue….because for every dollar the govt gets from taxes, they go out and spend more than one dollar in voter bribes and self enrichment.
      In this environment, more tax dollars would lead to going broke even faster.
      It’s not the income, it’s the outgo.

    • Mike H says:

      Paraclete that would mean a flat tax rate under 10%. Biblically any rate above that is usury. as well as loans with terms under 7 years with forgiveness on the jubilee.
      Yea i could get behind that

  11. Curtis says:

    why exactly are we sending 6 billion $ to south america?

  12. WestcoastDeplorable says:

    So they’re saying 800,000 Federal workers are laid off, but the sun still rises in the East and I haven’t heard anything about a zombie invasion. So maybe we can do without with little ill effect. Let the states pick up any slack.

    • Jeremy says:

      Asking the states to pick up the slack is a bit much. They already have too many people doing nothing. Maybe send them to Mexico?

  13. C.R. says:

    N.B.C = nobody bothered checking , M.S.N.B.C = more stuff nobody bothered checking .

  14. Sanders says:

    If there are non-essential government workers, then our taxes are too high.

    • JFM says:

      So only 25% of the government is shut down. That means 75% of the government is chugging along as always. I’d like to see the numbers reversed, 75% shut down and sent home.

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