Gotta be California (again)

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14 Responses to Gotta be California (again)

  1. 1911A1 says:

    I believe that’s “bung”…

  2. CC says:

    A boat ramp near San Francisco bay, no doubt…

  3. California southpaw. says:

    Pull it out a little deeper, Bruce!

  4. crazyeighter says:

    Does the other side of the sign say “Remember to insert your butt plug”?

  5. Edward Teach says:

    I refuse to own a boat that comes with a plug to let the water out.

  6. nwoldude says:

    First place I ever saw a sign for a Corn Hole tourney was Cali.
    Meant something different back in the hood.
    Had Geno drive around the block so I could photograph it.

    • veeshir says:

      Playing cornhole while waiting for your threeway means something a whole lot different in Cincinnati from what it means in CA.

  7. Lofty says:

    You should be careful inviting comment on this Wirecutter…just remember those of us who have crept around this blog a while, have long memories. ;-)

  8. FaCubeItches says:

    – Hedley Lamarr

  9. Martinez Alex says:

    Wow, a State Law?

  10. rick says:

    That’s the ramp at Wahweap Marina on Lake Powell near Page, AZ. The law is concerning limiting the spread of the invasive Quagga mussel. One example of the damage the mussel can cause is that the annual budget is $90 million to clear the pipes just at Hoover Dam on Lake Mead.

    The mussels are small but grow into huge colonies which choke water inlets, turbines, etc. Look up Quagga and Zebra mussels to see how much damage these invasive mussels cause.

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