“I Survived Communism – Are You Ready For Your Turn?”

“It was scientifically proven that communism is the only social-economic system providing the masses with justice and equality – 100% of scientists agree on this. The topic is not up for debate!”, so proclaimed my professor during one of his lectures on the subject ‘scientific communism’, while the country of Czechoslovakia was still under communist control. I was reminded of his blustery pronouncement the first time I encountered the spurious claim that “a consensus of 97% of scientists agree global warming is man-made.” Most people don’t question scientific statements because they think they are facts. They do not understand that scientific statements must always be challenged, because Science is not about ‘consensus’; ideology is.

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10 Responses to “I Survived Communism – Are You Ready For Your Turn?”

  1. Critter says:

    “Consensus” is a word of politics , not science. There’s no such thing as a scientific consensus. In science a thing is either true, not true or unknown if it is true.

    Anyone who tells you different is selling something.

  2. Dan Patterson says:

    And besides all that, 86% of statistics are made up on the spot!

    That article should be required reading in middle school and repeated in high school. If the little feral shits can read, that is.

  3. Just a Chemist says:

    In 1906, there was a “consensus” that atoms did not exist. Consensus [should] counts for shit in science.

  4. Winston Smith says:

    96.34% of all statistics on the internet are made up bullshit.

    And I hope my lightspeed fingers aren’t posting too fast for those slow Tennessee electrons.

  5. crazyeighter says:

    Scientists and politicians should stay in their own lanes.

  6. A Texan says:

    I had an Economics prof 1980 who grew up in Hungary, and got out as a teen in 1956, just before Soviet tanks rolled in.

    He informed us that he knew about Socialism and Capitalism first hand, and that without any doubt, Capitalism was superior. He said that the single, simple reason for this is that Capitalism gives you the freedom to fail.

    Socialism has failed in every single country, in every single time, in every single culture, in which it was tried. It cannot work, as you eventually must run out of other people’s money (that, and you simply cannot change human nature). When it fails, those in charge start jailing or shooting the opposition, and perhaps start a war to divert everyone’s attention. I know, they did it to my great grandfather in Russia in 1936 and 1937. Fuck those people…with a running chainsaw!

  7. Greg says:

    “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false”—CIA Director William Casey

  8. Rick says:

    He was completely correct. The masses were all equally destitute.

  9. FaCubeItches says:

    Spent time in the Soviet Union as part of a student exchange program. Got to take some interesting history classes and figured it was a good “know your enemy” opportunity. Wasn’t a fan of communism before I went, even less of a fan after living under it.

  10. arc says:

    Most bug-out bags are setup for survival. Mine is setup with everything I need to for a sustained war effort. Let the commies come because I got blood and lead to spare.

    As for MMGW

    “science for hire” and “sound science movement” are pretty hated by legitimate scientists. Science, white papers, and studies today are treated exactly like artwork commissions.

    Artist for hire:Tell me what kind of artwork you want and I’ll draw it for you. Bring money in hand.
    Scientist for hire:Tell me what kind of conclusion you want and I’ll provide a study with it. Bring money in hand.

    Global warming and consensus, HAHA!
    Also, I’m an artist.

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