In San Francisco? Where’s the tutus?

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  1. Greg says:

    Damn, That’s murder if he dies, attempted murder if he doesn’t. Well, anywhere but CA.

    • snuffy says:

      Win win. One dead, one in jail. As long as they keep it intra-racial, I don’t care what one feral does to another.

  2. Mickey says:

    I’m a native San Franciscan and I am writing this from SF Civic Center. This city has become an absolute hellhole. I walk the area of the fight frequently and it’s just insane what happens in broad daylight. Generations of “progressive” policies have resulted in a breakdown of society. The police are not allowed to step in and get into trouble when they do. The DA, the courts, probation, the politicians…nobody is willing to restore order so there are no meaningful consequences for this behavior. It is actually getting worse not better. And you know what?? That’s great!! The people of SF/CA are getting exactly what they deserve, exactly what they have voted for, and exactly what they have been advocating for.

    I am actively pursuing a move to Texas, hopefully this year. Perhaps my wife and I can offset the votes of other CA expats (our red votes to their blue). Unfortunately, most Californians take their poison mentality with them.

    • jimbobbyjoe says:

      Texans have no love for Californians fleeing the carnage. Blue or red.

    • Bad_Brad says:

      Our votes are no longer counted in California. They haven’t counted my mail in ballot for 3 election cycles. The state of California has a web site where you can check the status of your vote. They now mail in ballots are 85% conservative. If “the signatures don’t match” they don’t count your vote. Rather subjective. Now they have illegals harvesting votes. This has been going on now for a long time and nobodies doing shit about it. I’ve encouraged friends that also mail the ballots in and guess what. Same thing.

      As far as SF goes, what a shit hole. My wife and I use to visit often there for the day back in the 80’s. The last visit included a run in with an Asian Kung Fu gang, and watching some black guy punch a tourist in the head and steal her purse. I can’t imagine what it’s like there now. The CCW instructors here in NorCal all warn you, do not carry in SF, they will take your gun. Permit or no permit.

      • Mickey says:

        I work here and have family here, but unless I have to I don’t come to the city. As far as carry goes, SF (and really the whole bay area) should be considered a non-permissive environment, CCW or not. No printing, bulges, tactical gear, etc. Deep concealment and only use it as a last resort if it’s truly life and death. Generally speaking, if you walk with confidence and purpose the street vermin leave the “normals” alone and prey upon each other and/or the sheeple. If accosted, it’s best to put your pride in your pocket and run away if there’s an escape. The system turns a blind eye to the criminals, but they would love to jam up a “cis gender heteronormative ableist fascist” with a weapon who was caught victimizing a poor misunderstood urban camper. So like it or not, avoidance and escape are my primary goals.

    • GI-had Joe says:

      I’m with you Mickey….Lived in the Bay Area for 45 years, know this spot well working in SF and Oakland. That’s why I left for Utah 16 months ago. It is out of control. Nobody helps, nobody cares.

  3. RDB says:

    Surprise, the cops didn’t arrive in time to break it up.

  4. MTD says:

    I say take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

  5. fuck em, they’re savages. just let them kill each other

  6. snuffy says:

    On the ground in SF, like to catch hep from the human waste.

  7. MeatPopsicle says:

    All the able-bodies onlookers who did nothing are just as guilty as the attacker.

    • DCE says:

      If this had happened where I live it’s likely that one or both would have been the recipient of one or more 9mm, .40 cal, or .45 cal rounds. They would still be alive to see trial, but it would have ended with both of them alive. But in SF it’s safer to not get involved because if someone like me did intervene it’s highly likely that someone would end up in prison due to California’s and San Francisco’s draconian gun/self-defense laws.

    • Mickey says:

      No way brother, no way. I understand the sentiment, and somewhere else it may apply, but not here. These two guys are both bad guys. No humans involved. The backstory on the fight-that area is an “open air market” for stolen property, mostly taken from one of our many auto burglaries. These guys are fighting over the “rights’ to sell some stolen electronics. So criminal A is beating criminal B over the “right” to sell John Q Public’s stolen property to criminal C. I would’ve sat back and enjoyed the show myself. Eff them all I say. Now, if it was an innocent tourist or an old person or a kid, then sure I would advocate stepping in if physically able to make a difference.

    • D25 says:

      Nope. My obligation is to my family, not a bunch of savages.

    • Mike_C says:

      With respect, nonsense. Both generally, and especially specifically in this incident.

      ETHICAL: Unless you know the backstory and have a program to tell the players apart, who is the aggressor and who the victim, who is in the right and who in the wrong?
      PRACTICAL-1: How will you compel them to stop? Draw your gun and command them? (and if that don’t work for cops, why would it work for you?) Physically restrain them? If physical restraint, then how? As a single person, is your brilliant strategy to place yourself physically between them, because you can’t simultaneously hold two men back by your lonesome. Or maybe you’ll verbally appeal to “the angels of their better nature,” or use logic and reasoned argumentation to convince these two high-IQ philosophers to desist their struggle. Yeah, that should work.
      PRACTICAL-2: If you’re NOT carrying, and you’re not a physical match for either, much less both, what CAN you do? Personally, at my size and age the only way I could see putting the brakes on that would be to walk up swiftly and kick the eventual victor in the temple or the face — as hard as I fucking can — while he was mounted on the loser, then if he was by luck stunned, keep kicking and stomping until he stopped moving, because if that fucker ever got his bearings, I’d be toast. Believe me, kicking some dude in the head without warning is going to get YOU in a hell of a lot more trouble than either of those assholes would be in. Suddenly YOU are the “unprovoked aggressor” while Melton and Deonte (or Quantravious or whatever his name is) are merely guilty of mutual combat.

      In this day and age, if you intervene in any fight you of course run the risk of getting hit, stabbed, or shot your own self. Even if you are physically unscathed, you’ll be sued by the guy you intervened upon, or his family. And if you “win” those, you’ll be bankrupt by the legal process. (And that’s assuming that the Authorities don’t decide to go after you their own selves first.)

      Ask yourself, for whom would I give up my life? Because that’s what you’re likely to end up doing — one way or another — if you intervene in something like this. There are a few persons for whom I would lay down my life, with a whole heart because I love them, but damned few. And there are (many more) persons for whom I would take the risk, because it would be honorable and ethical thing to do. But those guys fall into neither category.

  8. Elmo says:

    From the YouTube summary-
    “A fight ensued between two males outside a Carl’s Jr. in San Francisco this evening near Powell Street Station. According to the restaurant private security, the two were arguing over the rights to a Bluetooth speaker they stole from someone. It quickly escalated into a brawl.”

    The guy left standing was “identified as Melton Earl Kelly (25) Of Oakland. He was booked & charged with 11 felony counts including Drugs / Narcotics, Resisting Arrest, Robbery and Attempted Murder.”

    All’s well that ends well.

  9. blueslurker1 says:

    No comments about recording it with the phone sideways and finger over 1/3 of the lens.

  10. spaz says:

    yeah i don’t care if they kill each other, some one pass the popcorn

  11. C.R. says:

    Is it a chimp out if its just two simians beating on each other ?

  12. Djamer says:

    So atypical of them, that took 3 times as long as it should have and wasted 3 times as much of my time. . . Like watching vomit dry.

  13. bart simpsonson says:

    Where africans be, Africa is, yo.Take dat to da bank.

  14. geoffcsaltine says:

    No dog in this hunt. But how sad is it that we are all so jaded that we can watch a beat down like that and not care if someone gets killed or is left disabled for life,one quick kick to the face would have stopped the fight.
    It could have been any of us on the bottom,taken down by a sucker punch.

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