In the ghetto…

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  1. CL says:

    . . . And his Mama cried . . .

  2. Greg says:

    LOL, that’s funny as shit! Don’t know if it’s for real or just somebody with a good sense of humor took the pic driving by.

  3. Mark R says:

    Worked with a guy that had his roof stolen on a three day weekend about 25 years ago, had a hell of a time filing a police report and an insurance claim.

  4. Mike G. says:

    Authentic Detroit.

  5. kennymac says:

    Not even the back porch. That’s pure Detroit right there. Warhorse/Padawan, I am going to be in Manchester NH next week, what is the best hole in the wall diner to eat at?

    • Padawan says:

      Most true diners in/around Manchester close at 2 in the afternoon. For breakfast I vote hands down for Chez Vachon on Kelley St. Lunch/dinner is a toss up between the Red Arrow on Lowell St. or the Red Barn on Elm St. The Airport Diner on Brown Ave is nice but the Common Man (the “local” chain that owns it) is too commercialized IMHO. Stay as far away from Murphy’s on Elm St as you can get. I’ve heard not so great things about that place. Same with Cote’s Diner on the corner of Mast Rd. and Biron St.

      There’s a place next door to my work in Goffstown called Chiggy’s that I’ve heard good things about but I have yet to eat there and I’m pretty sure they close fairly early in the day. Also not far from my work in the same town is a place called the Bagg Lunch. (This one is a couple of doors down from the Thai food place I work at on Friday nights.) Again, I have yet to eat there and I’ve heard mixed reviews on this one. I know they have a fish plate dinner special on Friday nights that keeps them busy.

      When next week will you be in Manchester? Perhaps we can all meet at a diner. :-) Ken, can I ask you to please pass along my email?

    • Mike_C says:

      I second the Chez Vachon recommendation. I’m partial to their “Polish Benedict” (eggs Benedict served over pierogi and sliced kielbasa instead of an English muffin) but it’s hard to go wrong there. They close at IIRC 2pm though.

      The MHT Red Arrow is downtown and thus very walkable if you are downtown and carless. (Vachon is west across the river). Plus the Red Arrow is a 24h joint. The counter has little plaques so you can discover which ratbag politician ate there sitting on “your” stool before you :-)

      I’ve done et at Murphy’s a time or two. It seemed okay food wise (not great, not bad) but I don’t have local knowledge of what shenanigans might be going on in back. And definitely Vachon over Murphy’s.

      If you want a literal shovelful of barbecued meat you can get that at KC’s.

  6. alfie195671 says:

    You sure that didn’t happen in Flori-duh?

  7. C.R. says:

    …porch monkeys took it ?

  8. Richard Watson says:

    I had a rental property in Chicago when a Chicago Police car in pursuit lost control and destroyed the front porch according to witnesses. Police fudged the accident report and claimed a hit and run driver blew a stop sign forcing the police car into the porch. From the direction of travel indicated on the accident report this was physically impossible.

    City refused to pay, then issued a citation to me for the condition of the porch.

    What that city needs is another Great Chicago Fire

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