Is The Tradition of Squirrel Hunting Dying Out?

USA – -( Every year when deer season ends, hunters all over the country put their guns away, start watching football. Or wait until spring for the turkeys to start gobbling and rarely bother to get out in the woods during the months in between. But they’re missing out on one of the most fun things to do during the winter downtime, and that’s to hunt for squirrels.

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14 Responses to Is The Tradition of Squirrel Hunting Dying Out?

  1. CC says:

    We have a resident squirrel that I use for practice shooting with the BB rifle.
    He cusses me when I ping him with a BB – also great fun.

  2. Sanders says:

    Those little bastards are a hoot to hunt – pistol, shotgun, or rifle. (just a tip: 17HMR Varmint Grenade ruins the meat)

  3. Handy Deplorable says:

    Up here in North Maine, the squirrel population is out of control.
    We’re a bit too far north for gray squirrels, though they have migrated here in small numbers, but brown squirrels abound.
    In the last month, right here in the middle of a town of about 1200, I’ve live trapped 8 of the little bastards and drowned them.
    They aren’t wasted, though, as I give them to a girl that has an 8 foot Boa Constrictor.

  4. Critter says:

    I always used .22 short HPs. Just enough zap for tree rat and almost silent out of a rifle.

  5. anonymous says:

    I think quite a few people no longer hunt small game in general. I think because it used to be so much easier dong that, just driving out to ‘the woods’ or ‘the desert’ and going on walk-about, to hunt small game. Much less opportunities for that – blame urban blight, private property acquisitions or city limits preventing that from occurring.

    I could be wrong, but that is what I see around here. Damn shame, most of my generation (I’m in my mid 50’s) began by hunting rabbit and squirrel. There are a lot of hunters who have never even killed small game or birds – they are big game hunters first and foremost.

  6. Free Citizen says:

    I would rather hunt squirrels than anything else, well maybe pigs . I started off hunting them and will probably end my hunting days hunting them. Squirrel chili, stew, squirrel gravy and biscuits, etc. Can’t beat it.

  7. Padawan says:

    Love me a good roasted squirrel. Yum.

    I worked at a girl scout summer camp that sent the girls in my unit to a horse barn a couple of hours each day. One day one of the barnhands was going around asking the girls who worked in the barn if they wanted to try something. I didn’t hear what it was at first but did overhear one of the girls tell him ” ask the lady from the scout camp.” So he came and asked me; we enjoyed a nice roasted squirrel together.

    Turns out the guy hunted the squirrels around the property as a way to keep the population down and out of the grain and horse feed. He’d skin ’em, roast ’em and eat ’em.

  8. Jeffery in Alabama says:

    Squirrel hunting is alive and well here. Lots of young folks are hunting them with Mountain Kerrs and Jack Russell terriers around here. I’m sure it is not nearly as popular as it was in the Great Depression when people hunted small game meat out of necessity. I like still hunting. I’ve got a “honey hole” where I can go and usually kill my limit of eight in a hour and a half. It is a great opportunity to introduce youngsters to hunting. As most know it is hard to get a youngun to be still and patient in a shooting house or keep them quiet and from fidgeting while turkey hunting.

  9. RL says:

    Come the lean times, squirrel will be hunted hard. And make no mistake, lean times are going to be here by 2030.

    • crazyeighter says:

      My ol’ Dad used to say that Republican Presidents was Hell on the rabbit population.

  10. Eastwood says:

    I was just on the phone with my brother. He said he found out he could bring a small caliber rifle with him on archery and muzzleloader hunts in Tennessee so he can squirrel hunt while waiting on deer ( best if you have a can ) Everyone he shot had one come check on it . 4 squirrels in less than 10 minutes. He used Shake and Bake pork flavor. If we shoot it we eat it. Please don’t come on mt property after dark I don’t think I can go there.

  11. M. Sage says:

    I pop ’em in my back yard every chance I get with a pellet gun. Little bastards eat just enough of a pecan to ruin it, then drop it and move on to another. I haven’t had more than half a dozen pecans off that tree since I moved in here.

    I realize I won’t be able to curb the population by myself with just an air rifle, but it makes me feel better about it. Plus pulling head shots (no scope – Gamo scopes are cheap junk that break) is good practice.

    • anonymous says:

      Mr. Sage, have you considered investing in a spring rated air gun scope. Not all of the cheap ones will break easily. I have a cheap Wal-Mart Centerpoint 4-16x on a .22 bored RWS 350 (a known scope breaker) and it has been holding zero for at least 8 years. Cost all of $45 from my recollection. In truth the scope mount probably cost more, I forgot what I paid for that.

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