“Latte and a speedball, please”

Starbucks is installing boxes for safe disposal of syringes in the bathrooms of certain locations, following workers’ reports of discarded needles and sometimes concerning conditions.

The coffee giant is exploring remedies after employees expressed fears about being pricked by uncapped needles and experiencing related health risks. Starbucks is testing solutions, including installing sharps-disposal boxes, using heavier-duty trash bags to prevent needle pokes, and removing trash cans from certain bathrooms.

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9 Responses to “Latte and a speedball, please”

  1. CC says:

    Sounds like Starbuck’s might be a good place to contract a loathsome disease.

  2. J says:

    Glad to report, my airport starbucks was closed when i left and closed when i arrived.
    Yet DD was open on Departure and Arrival.
    Fuck Starbucks and there dirty carpet brewed coffee.

  3. somedude says:

    bandaid over an arterial bleed.

  4. Ogrrre says:

    Here’s a suggestion: K-9 officers. That’ll stop the junkies from coming in in the first place. That will solve this problem, and solve the problem of the homeless coming in and just taking up tables that some of the employees were talking about. Of course, the employees could just quit, telling corporate that until they come up with a solution to the problem, not just caving to it, that store would stay without employees.

    • Mike_C says:

      I like the K9 idea, but that makes sense only if one wants Starbucks locations to be safe. (Although probably half the employees would quit due to their reflexive hatred of cops.)

      Personally I want to see each and every Starbucks full of dangerously deranged addicts and lunatics. I’d love it if the name “Starbucks” is associated in the public imagination with dirty needles strewn about, feces smeared on walls, unwashed men screaming at imaginary space aliens, etc. My only regret would be that Howard Schultz is not still in charge because I’d love that millstone around his neck if and when he goes political (rumors of Presidential aspirations).

  5. bogsidebunny says:

    Make horse, fentanyl & Hydrocodone O.T.C. and cheap. Ban the use of Narcan and the problem will go away Darwin style. The “feel-good” Libs should stop interfering with mama Nature.

  6. SAM says:

    I’ve been told that blue lights help cut down the numbers. As the color makes it harder for users to locate their veins. It does not stop anyone, but if they go next door it’s their problem not yours.

  7. Dan says:

    Only a idiot ( something the left is never lacking) would actually believe a junkie could .be bothered to put trash in a trash can or sharps (what we call needles etc. In healthcare) in a container for sharps.

  8. ExpatNJ says:

    Isn’t this “facilitating a felony”, or some such? Reminds me of when NJ had a big debate on whether or not to allow the distribution of clean needles to street addicts ….

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