Looks like Costco had a sale

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  1. WiscoDave says:

    My father in law is a “digger” at a local cemetery. Guy that was getting buried had bought his own coffin and evidently (they were told by the funeral director) was bragging up during the preplanning on the great deal he had gotten.
    Well the day finally came where he got to use his “great deal.” Gravesite service was over. Last grieving family member had gone. All that was left to do was lower him in, put the vault lid on and backfill.
    They start lowering. Fucker won’t fit because it’s too wide. Raise it back up. Start taking the side hardware off. Try again. Still too wide; keeps getting stuck on the lid. Raise it up. Funeral director pulls his vehicles around the gravesite to block off the view (they’re right along a busy highway, HWY 151 if you know the area).
    They take the lid off. Everyone is looking at the guy laying there as they start lowering again. The other “digger” knows the guy and he has to stand there and watch. With a little “help” they get the coffin down. Toss in the side hardware, respectfully, and try to jam the lid down in there. Finally they get it in good enough to put the vault lid in place. Time to backfill and pretend everything went just like they planned.
    Story was the coffin was an older display model used for visitations before a cremation. It was oversized so they would pull the body and a disposable liner out and reuse the coffin.
    Funeral director figured the guy would have gotten a laugh out of how the whole thing went down.

  2. Butch says:

    When the need be, a coffin for viewing can be rented. And then if the dead person really wanted to be buried, they have cardboard boxes that kinda “look” like coffins. It really doesn’t matter, the funeral is all for the living. I don’t really care if I am embalmed or not. I don’t have any friends, just my current wife and I’ve told her to drive my body down into the brush country and dump me out for the buzzards and coyotes. That way my passing can be spread several times over South Texas

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