Looks like it’s time to change the policy

A group of migrants said to be the largest ever has illegally tunneled under the southern U.S. border fence and surrendered to Border Patrol to request asylum.

The group of 376 Central Americans ‘inundated agents’ after crossing the border through a series of hasty tunnels near Yuma, Arizona on Monday, Customs and Border Protection said.

The agency said 200 of the group were minors, and that nearly all the rest said they were their parents, meaning that they will likely be released into the U.S. as their asylum claims are processed.

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9 Responses to Looks like it’s time to change the policy

  1. Cavguy says:

    Its an invasion force! Fuck this is Bullshit.

    Rule 308.

  2. Hybo says:

    I thought the military was going to stop all this crap from happening. Will this damn invasion ever stop? Time to fire wax bullets as a warning before real bullets are used. This is maddening.

  3. Don in Oregon says:

    A good wall would have acoustical sensors to detect digging, like German POW camps had 75 years ago.

  4. nonncom says:

    A real wall would’ve been built down 20 feet underground with lots of 1/2″ rebar poking down in all directions….first ten feet on the American side covered in concertina wire and sharp spikes sticking up….if they get through that they have to face the automatic 50 cals that sweep spaced every 200 feet upon sensing movement from the wall….I guess my imagination got carried away….never happen….

  5. Sabre22 says:

    I still think fuel air explosives in all the tunnels. A solution: Round all these illegals up and dump them on an island in the Aleutians. Give them GP medium tents No stoves dump food on the island once a month make sure the island has a population of bears. Do NOT build fences around the tents after all we cannot have people live behind a fence. After a year or so ask whatever people are left if they want to return to their home country. If they do and their country is on the ocean drop them off 10 miles off shore and tell them to swim home. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should they be allowed to stay in this country.

  6. Pete Nolan says:

    I think it should read, “The agency said 200 of the group were MINERS”, not minors.

  7. enn ess says:

    Here it is boys & girls, the simple facts regardless of what any of the talking heads blather on about.
    Build the fucking wall, reinforced concrete, 30 ft below, 45 ft above, minimum 12″ thick, from 1/2 mile into the Pacific to 1/2 mile into the Gulf. Only openings at port of entries.
    And the use of National Guard troops is authorized for protection of contractors and other guard duties. This is WHY everyone needs to read and understand the Constitution a great many of us swore to uphold end defend, our so called elected officials did the same, but refuse to follow. So President Trump, WHY have you nor started it yet????


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