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Somebody’s going to Hell over this
Macon County Sheriffs Department deputies were dispatched to Calvary Baptist Church last Saturday morning after reports that a window had been shot out of the building.
Upon their arrival, authorities discovered one building window containing two bullet holes, a second building window with one bullet hole and a set of double glass doors riddled with eight bullet holes.

Bubba was busy, wasn’t he?
A 26-year-old Fountain Run, Kentucky, man was arrested last month for the theft of four trucks, three four-wheelers and a 16-foot trailer in Macon County.
According to the affidavit of complaint filed by Macon County Detective Shane Gregory, Dustin Alan Wright stole a 1995 Ford truck, a 2004 Ford truck, two 2006 Dodge trucks, three 2016 Honda four-wheelers and a 16-foot tandem trailer from residents in Macon County on August 28, October 17, October 22 and December 8 of 2018.

And the population of RBS drops by one…
A Red Boiling Springs man was arrested after allegedly reaching speeds of 120 miles per hour while evading officers in a stolen vehicle.

Jason Law Jr., 24, faces multiple charges following the incident.

According to the arrest report, Macon County Sheriff’s Office deputy Josh Meador was patrolling the Galen Road area of Lafayette when he observed a Pontiac matching the description of a stolen vehicle. He also identified the driver as Law.

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