Never leave home without it

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26 Responses to Never leave home without it

  1. frank says:

    Gotta have it! Where do I get it?

  2. greenmachine says:

    Great idea — who is making this ????????

    As for weight — something like a baby Glock (or whatever your preference is) stored here would be about 1-1/2 pounds loaded, and since a lot of AR’s are “barrel end heavy”, this might bring the weight distribution closer to balanced.

  3. California southpaw. says:

    Already illegal in California.

  4. MN Steel says:

    Add an under-barrel shotgun, you can 3-gun from one platform!

  5. kansasredneck says:

    I see the purpose of my side arm as being to fight my way to my rifle. Why would I want to have it inaccessible also?

  6. front toward enemy says:

    As long as I have a working long gun I won’t have a need for the short one. When the long gun stops working I’ll drop it, draw the short one from its holster and use it to fight my way to the next working long gun.

  7. Jamblaya says:

    So, do you need a CCW permit to conceal carry in your open carry weapon?

  8. Father Confessor says:

    Good idea as long as it doesnt make the gun too butt heavy

    • M. Sage says:

      While I’m not seeing this product as being worth a damn, I have to say that I’ve shot a few bullpups, which are all VERY butt-heavy, and while it seems odd at first… it’s actually a pretty nice way to roll, balance-wise. Once you get used to it, that is. Until then, it’s just weird, like the first time you do a donut in an all wheel drive car.

  9. Wayne Wilson says:

    Too bad it’s a glock.

  10. singlestack says:

    I’ve seen a couple of these. I was underwhelmed. You’re better off keeping your sidearm. . .on your side.

  11. Critter says:

    Put a gun in your gun so you can gun more.

  12. Tim in AK says:

    So let’s see….if you drop/lose your rifle, then you’ve lost both of your guns.

    Also, did anyone else look at that pic and think: hair on forearm looks male, but dainty little hand looks very ladylike?

  13. arc says:

    So now If I lose my rifle, I lose my backup too?

  14. M. Sage says:

    Today in “bad ideas for gun products.”

  15. SAM says:

    Could some one clam that it’s a handgun fitted with a stock, and not a stock fitted with a handgun so falls under the NFA?

  16. fritz says:

    lose one gun and you lose the other too. meh

  17. Roman says:

    I would rather have an extra mag or three for my AR in there than a poodle shooter.

  18. Mike_C says:

    Can you put this stock on that Gilboa double-barrel AR-15?
    Cuz that’d be like totally kewl, dood.

    Oooh! What would make this even awesomer, dood, was if there was room to leave the Manly MBX DED blade on the handgun. Then it’d be like: Pew pew pew (repeat x27) in freaking stereo followed by CLICK, bang bang bang (etc) followed by stab stab stabbity stab stab.

    Seriously, this is a joke, right? Right?
    Isn’t the name Muletac Adaptive Storage System the clue?

    Q: Hey, what’s with that stock?
    A: Oh, it’s my new M.U.L.E. ASS!

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