Nice ram

6.5 Creedmore, Nevada, distance unknown.


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4 Responses to Nice ram

  1. badbilly says:

    He sure is a beauty! Full mount indeed! ..have seen a few yet never gone after them, always chased the mulies and elk.. for one reason.. don’t eat goats.. or sheep..blach! Haha..
    Suppose i could sell the meat to mooslim traders or set a roadside stand for the illegals caravaning! Capital plan!

    • Andrea says:

      He is delicious!! Never ate goat, don’t like domestic lamb/sheep much but these guys are tasty. He gave us most of the meat, ground it up with seasoning, BACON and BEER, stuffed into hog casings and smoked ’em gently….Yum.

  2. Sabre22 says:

    wild sheep is supposed to be among the best of the wild meats at least according to Elmer Keith

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