“No thanks, it doesn’t fit our agenda”

A San Diego television station on Thursday said that CNN had asked for a “local view” and then “declined to hear from us” after past reports from the station showed that a border wall was effective.

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4 Responses to “No thanks, it doesn’t fit our agenda”

  1. CC says:

    Discussion on FOX this AM about the change in crime rate in El Paso since 2010, when they beefed up & extended “The Wall” – it’s dropped dramatically.
    Good fences make good neighbors, especially out of bad neighbors.

  2. WestcoastDeplorable says:

    CNN is only interested in telling viewers one side of the story. They’re not a news organization, rather a propaganda outlet.

  3. grayjohn says:

    Fake News strikes again.

  4. Elmo says:

    Tucker just did a story on this. Both he and his guest (both of whom formerly worked for the Crap News Network) said exactly that of CNN- ““No thanks, it doesn’t fit our agenda”.

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