Oh, dear Lord…


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27 Responses to Oh, dear Lord…

  1. The Jannie says:

    She is a fully paid-up fuckwit and probably gets to breed and vote.

  2. Robert says:

    I really hope this is satire. Otherwise she hasn’t learned a thing about thinking before she starts talking, or asking someone what their purpose was before jumping to conclusions.

    Obviously she is from somewhere that is doesn’t snow enough for regular plowing ( and thankfully not the South, based on her accent).

    I wonder if Mommy and Daddy are proud?

  3. DCE says:

    Some folks need psychiatric help to deal with their paranoia. That was a classic example of paranoia.

    Did she even think for a minute about the actual ‘meaning’ of those snow flags? Of course not. It was all about her and the ‘patriarchy’.

    Of course one has to wonder if this wasn’t just a sarcastic parody of an SJW “losing her s**t” over pieces of wood with orange ribbon tied to them.

  4. Scruff says:

    feminist rage machine at work. this is what we are up against, and they vote. do you?

  5. Canada Boots says:

    If I ran into her ranting away in the parking lot I would of told her that it was Trump that ordered it. That’s why they’re colored ORANGE. Then I would of got my phone out. You don’t try to reason with them, you fuck with them till they SNAP.

  6. frank says:

    Obviously off her meds. Poor thing would somebody please help her back to the safety of her padded room….error safe spot.

  7. Steve says:

    All righty then……hm…..I don’t know if that was an “Onion” piece……no it went on for too long and devolved into so many obscure areas of SJW. It HAD to be real. And sadly that person is walking around without a handler or someone nearby with a tranquilizer dart gun.


  8. Mickey says:

    I don’t get it. Perhaps an enlightened reader can help me out. How are these “offensive”? Or an example of the “patriarchy”? Or “against women”? I can see she is nuts and indoctrinated by the left, but I also want to understand her thought process, such as it is. Know your enemy and all that.

    • Heathen says:

      Because, ” Orange Man Bad ! “

    • Bacon says:

      Okay, I’ll try Mickey. Although this appears to be a parody, I’ve unfortunately met several feminists who act like this, so it could be real. In addition to the color (“orange man = bad”), and the verticality (“phallic symbols = patriarchy”), I think the main issue is that campuses today have regular student-run “events” where students plant small stakes or flags all over the lawns to represent various issues, as a way to “educate the community”.

      For example, I’ve seen rows of flags, stakes, or popsicle sticks lined up like the tombstones at a national cemetery, to represent numbers of refugees, rape survivors, the dead in wartime, animals slaughtered, or whatever the cause of the day might be. Some campuses even “schedule” the lawns for various groups, through the same system used to reserve meeting rooms. So if someone is used to that, any recurring pattern might seem to imply unsubstantiated meaning.

      There’s really no way to understand insanity without going insane, but insofar as there might be any sort of “thought process” behind the madness, that would be my guess.

  9. Ken M says:

    This HAS to be a parody.

  10. riverrider says:

    okay I’m confused. help a fellow understand what the hell she is saying these snow markers are supposed to mean to her. geesh.

    • Bacon says:

      I think they represent “the patriarchy” to her, simply because they’re vertical and regularly spaced. See my reply to Mickey above.

  11. Just a Chemist says:

    46 seconds. was all it took. The person filming this is either satirizing feminists or she is mentally ill… and has locked her delusions onto feminism rather that religion or aliens.

  12. lilyrat says:

    I just lost 3:24 of my life. Why was she pissed off about the flags?

  13. brighteyes says:

    Can you imagine living with that much rage. Her every waking minute has to be one of constant turmoil always seeing/seeking the world around her as negative. To bad, she is missing out on the joys of life. I strongly suggest suicide. I doubt she would be missed.

  14. .45-70 says:

    And they vote!

  15. Valkin.a says:

    was that Occasional–Cortex talking?

  16. Nemo says:

    …and I’ll bet the little snowflake has a Bachelors Degree in Women’s Studies or some other unmarketable waste of 4 years and $200K+ in student loans at 12% interest and which are probably in default because she’s working as a barista at Starbucks while living in mommy’s basement.

  17. OH MY GOD—WHAT IF SHE’S RIGHT???!!!!!! lol

  18. Tim in AK says:

    “Dumb but sincere”???

    Umm, no.
    Retarded, unhinged, and a product of our fine education system…..

  19. Sedtion says:

    We should find her address and load up her yard with orange tipped sticks.

  20. Chuck says:

    If this is real, this broad is so hopelessly clueless it hurts. I’ve lived in Texas my entire life and knew what a snow flag was the first time I saw one on a trip to Minnesota.

  21. BillDave says:

    Is that for real?

  22. Trib says:

    millennial bitches are really this dumb? Yes they are .

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