Oughta work

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  1. Toothless Dawg says:

    I see a real ASS-Kicking coming as soon as he pulls that trigger.

    • Lost in WV says:

      Back in the ’70s the Italian Alpininis (mountain infantry) tried that with a wire guided anti-tank tube. The rate of fire was one tube per mule and that was that…it took a day or two to corral the mule afterwards.

  2. OB says:

    It’s photoshopped. But it might as well be real… dumb fucking arabs.

  3. California southpaw. says:

    Sex and guns one stop shopping, muslim style.

  4. veeshir says:

    The third world version of fricking lasers on fricking sharks.

  5. Critter says:

    Need a second ass to tote the ammo belts.

  6. Alex Lund says:

    At least they have guns.
    That is something not all of us have.
    But I want to have one or two or so… But that is legally impossible.

    When I was 18 the german government put a machine gun in my Hands and told me to be ready to kill and or get killed.
    15 months later they took it away and told me they could not trust me around guns.

    My lesson:
    If a state does not trust me with guns, I won`t fight for him.
    (Machiavelli said: If a state does not allow you to own a weapon then this state does not trust you.
    or as the 2AD Group of the USA says: A slave is not allowed to own a gun. A free man does own a gun.)
    May every german politician who is against gun ownership go to a dark place.

    • Mike_C says:

      May those German politicians meet, while unarmed in a dark alley, the Diversity they let into your country.

      Unfortunately it looks like the only politicians getting beat up are AfD.

  7. Kevin says:

    Should get good beaten zone.

  8. Burgess Schnitzius says:

    That will be one dead donkey if he pulls the trigger with the muzzle between its ears.

  9. bogsidebunny says:

    That donk is gonna wind up with tinnitus.

  10. frank says:

    When that bugger hooker presses the bang switch somebody is going have his tiny set of balls kicked out of top his head! LMFAO!

  11. Ed says:

    Not seeing any brass, they must move a little each time they light it up.

    Yeah, toast donkey brains all around if that things goes off.

  12. Tom MacGyver says:

    Hey, Sahib; this thing has a hell of a kick to it!

  13. brighteyes says:

    Hey, he is probably considered the genius of the family.

  14. Nemo says:

    This is the re-incarnation of the “technical” after they ran out of white Toyota pickups.

  15. Rmb says:

    Looks a bit rusted and weathered. Wonder if its even serviceable? Its a Rooski product, no?

  16. Formerlib says:

    Newton’s Third Law of Motion (Middle East Edition): For every ass there is an equal and opposite dumbass.

  17. kansasredneck says:

    Must not have sex ed or drivers ed this week.

  18. RTinWeimar says:

    Bars on the windows and a severed foot in the alley tell the story.

  19. Scruff says:

    two jackasses and a gun. what could go wrong?

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