Right on

A pensioner who has tended to a Second World War crash memorial for 74 years has sparked calls for an RAF flypast to honour the ten who died.

Tony Foulds, 82, was just eight years old when he watched the B17 Flying Fortress crash into Endcliffe Park in Sheffield in February 1944.

He says he still feels guilty over the airmen’s deaths because he believes the stricken American bomber, known as Mi Amigo, may have landed safely if he and his friends were not playing football in the park.

Ever since the crash he has devoted his spare time to looking after the war memorial to honour the men, saying they are ‘like family’ to him.

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  1. Elmo says:

    That’s a beautiful story.
    I found an older article about this event. It mentions that on the same day Mi Amigo crashed 42 other B-17s went down. A total of 430 crew members perished on that single day.

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