South Dakota, Iowa add firearm safety courses to middle school curriculum

Two rural Iowa school districts are planning to offer firearms safety courses for middle school students this spring.
Clarksville and North Butler School in Greene will offer them for about a week as part of the physical education curriculum.
Hunter safety courses have been offered after school or on the weekends, but this is changing, and not just in Iowa.
Four South Dakota schools now offer them during the school day.

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3 Responses to South Dakota, Iowa add firearm safety courses to middle school curriculum

  1. anonymous says:

    Awesome news. One of the tragic consequences of gun ownership is hearing of some poor kid accidentally killing someone or themselves. All because they were never taught the basics of how to make sure the condition of the gun.This is something parents should do, but many feel that even letting the child know of a gun in the house puts them in danger – better to keep it quiet.


    They teach sex ed in school, supposedly to teach them some of the consequences of unprotected sex. They used to teach driver’s ed in my day as well. Gun safety classes can only help minimize as many accidents as possible. I’m sure the NRA already has teaching programs for young persons so if nothing else they can provide advice for school districts. Conscientious objectors can elect to go to study hall during those classes.

    • Rurik says:

      They teach reading in school and we get a generation of illiterates.
      They teach sex in school and we have a declining birth rate.
      Go figure.

      • kansasredneck says:

        No, they teach sex ed and we get an increasing number of teen pregnancies.

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