Still want to send your kids to college?

A professor at the University of Georgia defended using anti-white stereotypes and making racist remarks after he was confronted by a student over his social media use.

In a video provided to the college campus watchdog group ACT For America, a man identified as University of Georgia Professor Irami Osei-Frimpong is confronted by a student over racist comments the professor made on social media. Rather than deny he made the comments or apologize for the behavior, Osei-Frimpong defended his use of stereotypes to negatively describe white people.

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16 Responses to Still want to send your kids to college?

  1. Towser says:

    These days, I’m convinced trade school makes far more sense for many kids.

    • Plan_K_Ton says:

      Best trade school for young people is the U.S. military… HVAC, electrician, A&P mechanic, plumbing, welding…. get paid to get a trade. Get those VA bennies and build that resume. Kids just have to stay clean and out of trouble, and get a decent enough ASVAB. If I still had kids in the larval stage, this is what I’d steer them to.

      • Lineman says:

        Negative why in the hell would I send any kid off to be cannon fodder for the fucking elite…Have you not read or seen anything these past 20 years…

        • rayvet says:

          I Sure have. I know a few hundred kids in the military right now (military town) and everyone of them I know is doing very well and happy to be learning a trade. Cannon fodder? Elite? Sounds like you’ve been sipping from the conspiracy theory bucket there lineman. I say, thank goodness, these great soldiers don’t listen to the likes of you. Very few things as proud and satisfying as serving your country. Folks like you don’t have a clue.

          • Larry says:


          • Lineman says:

            Rayvet… I’m sorry you can’t see reality and keep shilling for more kids to die in the Middle East…The elites love gullible people like you that will keep sending boys to die not for our freedoms but for oil, gas, and Poppy fields…You keep on believing though just don’t expect me to join in your delusions…

            • rayvet says:

              Funny, you conspiracy folks always like to use oil, gas (and now drugs, that’s a new one on me) as reasons for us being there. Yet none of those reasons make any sense and we sure as hell haven’t seen any of those things “benefiting” us according to that narrative. We’re there for one reason only. We have, like it or not, become the world’s policemen. I for one don’t like it but we’ve been accepting of the burden for so long, we don’t have much of a choice. But to think these skirmishes in the ME are because of oil, the military industrial complex etc. etc. is just lunacy. None of those accusations add up. And I’m sure I’ll get trashed for making this comment so I’ll try to make it as humanely as possible. When you consider the number of troops we’ve had over there, and the length of time we’ve been there, we’ve had very few lives lost. I realize if it was one of my family, friends etc. I might not feel that way, but the numbers show this to be a low “risk” situation over there.

              • Lineman says:

                I will let this conversation drop before it goes any further and Kenny has to step in because I’m not going to change your mind and you won’t change the facts of the matter…Have a good one…

  2. Sanders says:

    Every young person I talk to, I try and convince them they need to learn a trade and forget about college. You can’t convince them that college is a scam, though. They’ve been so utterly brainwashed by their high school counselors into thinking they HAVE to go to college.

  3. rayvet says:

    That wasn’t too bad, but the queer needed to up his game a bit. As an adult with lot’s of life experiences under my belt, I would have raised my hand and asked why all blacks are criminals with no family values and no work ethic and since they’re proven inferior in intellect how could one be a teacher? If that question were asked in that environment, what exactly do you think the answer would be (other than instantaneous expulsion of course).

  4. Mike_C says:

    This Osei-Frimpong person is NOT a professor. He is a 41-year old graduate student. Which tells you something right there. Formerly at UC Berkeley and at Brandeis (and maybe Univ. Chicago if it is not another “Irami Osei-Frimpong” with the LinkedIn account).

  5. bogsidebunny says:

    White people: The only race in America you can legally discriminate against!

    • Heathen says:

      Found somewhere on the Internet,unable to give attribution else I would.

      *”A straight white person who isn’t actively participating in the genocide of his or her own people, who doesn’t support reparations for the gift of being born in America, who isn’t willing to work so that others don’t have to, who doesn’t care more for the Somalian immigrant than his or her own family members, is a White Supremacist. This is how they frame the argument.

      The MSM, and groups such as MoveOn, ThinkProgress, etc., have labeled us fascists, Nazis, and White Supremacist, and declared there is no vice in making us uncomfortable in whatever way is at hand.

      Like it or not, we are the enemy of these people. They hate us.

      I’ve said to the kids more than once is, “We don’t hate anyone, but there are a lot of people who hate us because we are white and want to hurt us. Keep your eyes open.” *

      • Lineman says:

        They want you enslaved or dead and if all your doing is telling your kids to keep their eyes open then you are setting them up for failure…

  6. Bagley says:

    I sent an email to the administration at the University of Georgia about this. I have not received a response.

    Contact information at this page

    • nwoldude says:

      From my experience I say you will receive and official “fu.k you very much for your opinion” letter. I have a few from when I believed.

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