The guy that clocked Moldylocks declaring bankruptcy

Oakdale’s Nathan Damigo has filed for bankruptcy in an apparent attempt to dodge lawsuits facing him and other white nationalists involved in the deadly Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Va.

Damigo and two dozen extremist leaders or their groups conspired to commit violence in August 2017, say the lawsuits, both filed in Virginia. One is in state court; the other, filed in federal court, is scheduled for trial in July.


Funny, the article lays all the blame for what happened at Charlottesville at the feet of him and his allies, conveniently forgetting the fact that they had a applied for a permit while antifa and the snowflakes came in and disrupted what could’ve and should’ve been a peaceful rally. Nor does it even mention how the cops funneled the Nationalist groups into an ambush, but hey! that’s the MSM in general and specifically the Modesto Bee for you.

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3 Responses to The guy that clocked Moldylocks declaring bankruptcy

  1. Andrew says:

    So where are all the lawsuits filed against the Pantifa?

  2. nwoldude says:

    When oh when will the folks in the neighborhoods start picking up a little trash on the streets.

  3. rick says:

    Moldy was clocked at Berkeley. Charlottesville was a set-up staged by the commies. Both sides were actually one side.

    It will be interesting but I think the court will be rigged.

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