Yeah, good luck with that

A woman who lead officers on a low-speed chase claimed “sovereign nation status” during her arrest, according to police in Massachusetts.

The suspect, identified as 35-year-old Jessica Davis of Bridgewater, allegedly started the pursuit in Abington after she hit a car after running through a red light and then drove away from the scene early Thursday morning.

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4 Responses to Yeah, good luck with that

  1. Paulie says:

    Next town over. How is it that you keep getting these great stories about my hood?

  2. Tim in AK says:

    Aww yes, another Sovereign Citizen, aka a SovCit.

    I am familiar with them.
    They’re short on brains, long on lying, and basically parasites. They think they are above the rest of us, and don’t have to pay taxes.
    Every single time they pull out of their driveway, they are driving on a road that you and I paid for, but they didn’t.
    They seem to all be narcissists, and there are a lot of pedophiles and psychopaths in their ranks.
    They lie effortlessly and unceasingly, and will steal anything they can get their hands on.
    They are also all over the internet running scams. They prey on the old, desperate, and simple minded.
    I have come to hate them.

  3. paulb says:

    Heroin explains about 90% of all crime on Boston’s South Shore. I left there a few years ago and moved to America.

  4. Dan says:

    Nothing wrong with claiming “sovereign citizen”. The trick to making that work however is to have an army large enough to enforce that claim because ultimately all sovereignty is upheld by force. Lack the required force? Your sovereignty will be ignored by those with MORE available force. Works that way for individuals….and countries.

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