You call we haul

A truck driver who found himself stuck on a snow-covered Missouri highway made a promise after a driver in a Chevy pickup truck came to the rescue.

“I swear on my life I will never talk smack on Chevy again,” Adam Bosler posted to Facebook on Saturday night after a storm dumped snow on Missouri and surrounding areas.

The man in the Chevy “got me and several other LOADED tractor trailers up the hill in downtown!” Bosler wrote. The man is from Missouri and “came to the rescue of several people,” ABC News reported.

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2 Responses to You call we haul

  1. Bad_Brad says:

    GMC /Chevy truck come wilt a locking posi in the rear. They supposed to have a limited slip in the front dif on their four wheel drives. However they don’t slip much. The only truck I drive.

  2. Gryphon says:

    My Daily Driver is an ’86 M-1028 Diesel Chevy, the Military Version of the K-30 Series Truck. The old 6.2 non-Turbo Detroit Diesel isn’t too powerful, but the 4.98 Gears, Posi-Traction Rear and Limited-Slip in Front keeps it Rolling.

    OTR Semi’s are absolutely the Worst Vehicles in Snow… Even with Chains nearly Futile. My Friends and I who mostly drive Ex-Military stuff, always got a Laugh out of that Show “Ice Road Truckers” where these poor guys were trying to Off-Road/Arctic Conditions regular Trucks… Could Never Figure why they weren’t using good Oshkosh 8×8 or 10×10 Tractors, with the Heaters and Gear for Sub-Zero Weather. And if I Drove only in Alaska, I’d get one of those Russian Full-Tracked Tractor-Trailer Rigs, Articulated like Construction Equipment. And all the Surplus Stuff is Sold for 10 cents on the Dollar, for the most part.

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