Civil War Coming to America?


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  1. WoodBurner says:

    We The Peoples would have to be realllllllly pissed for that to happen.

  2. Live Free says:

    CWII has already started. In this regard, “The Battle of Portland” will, one day, be a footnote in historical treatises which trace the first signs, first confrontations, and first casuallties of this “4th Generational Conflict” which was not formally recognized until too late to stop.

  3. Paul B says:

    Another lefty looney. Probably thought Mugabe was a good leader.

  4. brighteyes says:

    A Civil War would not last long. All the American men and women against a bunch a pussy misfits? First shot fired half would be looking for a quiet room, a teddy and a cup of that melted candy bar they call coffee.

    • Plan_K_Ton says:

      Consider that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (to name but a few) are at the core civil wars. They are brutal, and have been going on for all time. Even though the antifa we see on TV and online look like clowns or deranged zealots, understand that there is core cadre behind them, the fixers, the logistics people, the paymasters. Even amateurs are dangerous, they just have to get lucky once. Keep assessments accurate, even if they do not comport with your notions.

      • Just a Chemist says:

        Yes, Yes and Yes.
        The proverb (that I stole for Kung Fu, so it may not even be accurate) “men do not pound drums before they hunt tigers.” There may well be bolshevik soldiers, who agree with the philosophy of the antifa movement, but are smart enough not to advertise their presence. Let the the antifa fuck ups go on TV and wear dresses and make asses of themselves, but never forget there may well be a more sinister, hidden group who can do real damage. Do not underestimate your enemy, ever.
        And honestly, antifa is starting to pick up guns. I’m a better shot than most of them, but 5 of them can still surprise me, and win. I was less wary when they were still scared of firearms.

  5. Sedition says:

    Not. Soon. Enough.

  6. Mark says:

    No surprise, the ” journalist” is a lefty that shaded all his comments .

    31 minutes and he figures out that root cause of a conflict is economic? No shit, Sherlock.
    Yet no mention of $21 TRILLION in debt!

    He mentioned barbarians… Think moslems, please.

    Keep your powder dry.
    Defense doesn’t win. Offense does.
    Know your local tyrants.

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