And I’ll leave you with this:

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13 Responses to And I’ll leave you with this:

  1. Nemo says:

    Now that’s just rude. I mean the bear, not the girl.

  2. H says:

    That might in fact be a shuttle stop but I gar-on-dam-tee you it won’t be free.

  3. brighteyes says:

    I like being able ta scratch where it itches. The dork with her ass hanging out, Meh. I like sexy but a touch of class does go a long way. Had a little girl at a cross walk a couple days ago, maybe eighteen, dressed just like that ask me for 60 dollars so she could catch the bus. I told her ta fuck off. A poster girl for STD I’m sure.

    • Tim in AK says:

      That always blows my mind when a total stranger think it’s okay to ask me for money….with no pretense of offering something in return….a belonging of theirs, or to help you in any way….just “give me money”.

      I had some young guy do that about year ago. Perfectly able bodied, but just sitting in front of a store being useless, and had the fucking nerve to ask me for “spare” money.

      I stopped dead in my tracks, looked him in the eye and said “are you fucking serious?? You have NO fucking idea what I go through to get the little bit of money I have…etc…” (I said more, but I forget what)

      He had the sense to look scared and skedaddled out’a there.

      I am so much more inclined to help people who not only really need it, but don’t expect it and are sincerely grateful for it. In fact, I really enjoy helping those who want to help themselves, but are unable to for whatever reason.
      Entitled little fucksticks though, can kiss my ass….

      • crazyeighter says:

        “Do I look like I have any SPARE money?”

        • Heathen says:

          As I told the panhandlers on High St. in Columbus in the 70’s when they asked for “Spare Change?” . “There’s no such thing !”

  4. WoodBurner says:

    My take is the girl on the right is fix’in to get a nice hand full of Ass!

  5. grayjohn says:

    Is the bear named Anthony?

  6. Dale says:

    LMMFAO!!!…Fuckin’ funny shit right there…

  7. brighteyes says:

    Good one grayjohn First name Anthony, middle Oscarmayer, last name………

  8. Scarecrow says:

    A south paw I see…

  9. nwoldude says:

    I bought a 5 lb bag of potatoes and gave it to a guy panhandling at a grocery store driveway.
    Pretty stupid eh?

  10. Klaus says:

    Free ride to the ferry in Fairfax I think.Golden gate transit?

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