Another “Aw fuck” moment in time

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  1. IslandGirl says:

    “Big Wind” is just as much bullshit as Solar. Ponder for a moment, the obvious unsustainability in this photo. Realize that this huge base was NOT manufactured by a factory powered by wind, just as solar panel factories are not and never will be powered by solar. Green bullshit.

    • Wirecutter says:

      Not only that but it’s not unheard of them to burn and when they do there’s hundreds of gallons of gear oil spewing all that nasty smoke in the air.
      Besides, they’re unsightly as fuck.

      • brighteyes says:

        Go to Maui sometime. They have a stand of them running up the West Maui Range you can see from miles away. Drive around the Island the back way and they have another stand running up the foothills of Haleakala. Ugly as hell. One wind mill will never produce enough electricity in it’s short life time to pay for it’s cost. Ridiculous.

    • snuffy says:

      Same with electric cars. Lithium mining, processing, and manufacturing batteries for the cars is far more toxic to the environment than the process of drilling for, and refining of oil, and the resulting emissions of gasoline and diesel engines. Can’t explain that to the watermelon faction.

  2. kdts2002 says:

    That is a propeller for those giant wind turbines.

  3. John Thomas says:

    Not just for chopping birds any more!

  4. nwoldude says:

    Have passed those rigs (on the opposite side of the freeway) several times. Three at a time of course and not end to end.

  5. Fred Z says:

    I’v driven that stretch of Autobahn often. I’ve got family in and around Paderborn Germany.

    The Germans have made their formerly lovely green countryside butt ugly by putting those stupid windmills up all over it.

    Germans always fall hard for weird religions or political ideas. Environmentalism is not all that different from their last great idea, and I expect it will kill nearly as many in the fullness of time.

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