Before you buy an M4 or AR-15…

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  1. haho@luis says:

    Bored the F**k out of me. Went to “” instead.

  2. Roy says:

    I’m sure this would have been an interesting video, but I couldn’t watch more than a minute due to the goofy videography. It was way too close, and mostly out of focus.

  3. M. Sage says:

    Shot-peening is to eliminate stress risers.

    Magnetic-particle inspection (MPI stamp) is what us old guys remember as “Magna-Flux”. A top quality bolt and barrel should both have HPT and MPI stamped on them indicating that they’ve had a proof round (“high pressure test”) fired from them. I’ll say that there’s an argument that on the bolt only having MPI done is probably OK. I mean, it’s good enough for connecting rods and all…

    Taper pins… ehhhh. That’s the sign of built to .mil standard, but just because it’s not mil spec doesn’t mean it’s not quality. I can’t think of a free-float build I’ve seen or done that had taper pins in the gas block. The front sight (and irons in general) are becoming worse than redundant – with the right optic, they’re outright vestigial. There are plenty of glass choices these days that are not only faster, more versatile and more accurate, but more rugged than irons.

    The M4 was decent enough 15 years ago. It’s getting a bit outdated now, though. It’s definitely not the gold standard anymore.

  4. arc says:

    Good information, will keep my eyes open. Although, as long as it goes bang every time, meh, Its not like I’m a mercenary that absolutely needs to rely on his rifle.

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