Berlin – 1890 and 2018

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  1. Brad says:

    I believe many of those buildings from the 1890s might have been surgically removed by our Mighty 8th Air Force sometime around 1943-45…

    • Wirecutter says:

      I don’t know about surgically removed, I’m thinking more like systematically destroyed.
      I’ve been to West Berlin before, right about 1975 and it was a thoroughly modern city, hardly any old structures at all.

  2. UH1H CE says:

    I’m guessing that hosting a world war in your capital tends to rush the urban renewal and modernization stuff and dispense with the historical preservation.

  3. fritz says:

    Every time they do some construction they find old bombs and bodies.

    Vae victis

  4. Burt says:

    A neighbor who grew up in Leipzig told me that after the war they had a choice whether to rebuild the city with the “old look” (narrow streets, little open space) or the “new look” (expansive streets, lots of open space. The “old” won out because the original sewer system was buried so deep into the ground there was little/no damage from the bombing and they felt they could get the city restored faster and at less cost by keeping the old sewers. Reminds me of my German grandfather: the 3 1/2 story house he built on the East Coast at the end of the nineteenth century still looks as good as when he built it.

  5. robert smith says:

    just perhaps the 60 train loads a day of russian arty ammo may have had an effect also.

  6. Daryl says:

    I suppose some old bombardier looked at that picture and wondered “How the fuck did I miss that one?”

    • Wirecutter says:

      That church? They didn’t miss. That’s the Kaiser Wilhelm church and that steeple is the only thing left standing and it’s just a shell. It’s now a memorial to the bombing.

  7. Buzz D. says:

    Gotta love the SANYO sign. Progress???

  8. arc says:

    Looks so much better in 1920, all the buildings had architecture and class. Now they all look like big, dumb, ugly boxes.

  9. Padawan says:

    I prefer the 1890.

    • MadMarlin says:

      I agree. I’ve always wanted to tour Europe. I especially would like to see the Alps region. Books and internet will have to do though

  10. ChuckN says:

    Well, the architecture surely didn’t improve.

  11. Rickvid in Seattle says:

    1890: rich human style, architecture, grace. 2018: Resistance is futile.

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