Damned straight

…It seems all too many blue-state refugees, having found haven from tax-spend-regulate oppressors, turn around and import the very same blue-state politics that caused them to flee in the first place.

Take Virginia, where escapees from neighboring high-tax Maryland helped push a once reliably conservative state markedly leftwards. Republicans have not won a statewide election there since 2009, and barely hung on to their majority in the House of Delegates after a 15-seat bloodbath in 2017. Right on cue, Democratic Governor Ralph Northam (of recent blackface fame) recently requested $1.2 billion in new taxes. Unsurprisingly, migration to the Old Dominion state of Virginia reversed with the election of the Democratic ticket in 2013.

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  1. Don says:

    As a friend of mine from the Western slope of Colorado told me, “Back during the oil boom, we were afraid you Texans were going to buy up all of Colorado. Now that the Californians are here, we’re kinda wishin’ you had.”. When I got here in 2000 (from Texas originally), this was a rather libertarian state, but now the Dems have the legislature and office of Governor…no man nor his wallet are safe.


  2. Handy Deplorable says:

    My state of Maine is in the same position.
    Fkn liberals from Massachusetts have taken over the more populous, and semi urban southern congressional district one, leaving us in the 2nd district with absolutely no voting power at all.

  3. MMinLamesa says:

    Same fucking fate for CO. Unlike Aesop who apparently will have to be motored out of his AO in CA, I just couldn’t take the creeping takeover of CO by REgressives and moved to Texas after living there for 40 years.

    CO had a last gasp chance when Tom Tancredo ran for Gov in ’10 but the Republican Party did everything it could to undermine his run and turned the contest into a fiasco allowing the far left Hickenlooper to get reelected. Fucking made me sick. That and the legalization of reefer was the last straw.

    As an aside, I see old Hick is considering a run in ’20. He’ll wait until the early and clearly crazy announcers have flamed out and come onstage as a voice of reason. Make no mistake that his pleasant persona masks weapon’s grade evil.

    Now doubling down on idiocy I see they’re going to legalize mushrooms and have elected a pole smoker for Gov who has promised FREE EVERYTHING. Good luck with that. I remember when John Love was Gov and thought, Lord a Republican in dem’s clothing or even Richard Lamm, but Gerald Polis???? He makes Lamm look like a staunch conservative and Polis won easily. Fuck me. Stick a fork in CO as the saying goes.

    My close friends there are torn. It really is a gorgeous state, no comparison to flat fucking w Texas, but at some point I believe the reality of people that hate your guts having the power to bend you to their will has to take precedence.

    • Wirecutter says:

      I understand completely. I loved the beauty and wildness of the mountains of California, but the people and politics drove me out. A reasonable man can only take so much before he cuts his losses and splits.
      Anybody that willingly stays in that kind of mess is crazy and I don’t mean that in a complimentary way.

      • MMinLamesa says:

        The last place I lived in in CO was a small, almost all white town called Canon City. On the Arkansas River, close to my favorite snowboarding area, Monarch, great fishing, out of this world, lost in 2 minutes mountain biking and unreal hunting.

        My last deer in CO ran about 150 which is perfect for me. Got it about an 1/2 hour from my home. After I gutted it and left it to bleed out in my friend’s skinning shack, I took the liver and heart home to my dogs. When I walked in all bloody, they perked up would be an understatement. I sliced up a gorgeous, perfect still warm liver and they gobbled it down.

        Here in w Texas, hunting is pretty much on leased lands as there aren’t any BLM or National Forest nearby. Fucking sucks.

        • Bert says:

          Interesting story about Hick (sometimes called “Beer Boy” because he had some kind of brew pub in one of his prior lives):
          Hick and the Missus never lived in the Governor’s mansion because they had been on the outs for quite a while; they finally and “regretfully” announced their separation.

          After the ’08 convention in Denver when Hussein was nominated there was much buzz about Hick getting the Veep nod. His wife told the world in an interview that if he did she was willing to get back with him because he needed her support in order to get elected. He did not get the nod and they divorced a little while later. Twisted modern family values on display.

          There is some feeble hope that Gov. Pole Smoker will be sort of guided to stay on the right track by his husband. We’ll see.

          The good news is there is still plenty of good antelope and turkey hunting to be had if you are patient and skilled. On the down side the wait for a goat license is longer than 15 years. A few years back I ran into a couple of guys up on the Divide who finally got theirs, went out for the hunt, got snowed in early in the season and were forced to go home and wait another 15 years. In my opinion those goats are the most fascinating animals alive but suffer because of too much human interaction (at times you can drive right up to them in some places and they will beg for carrots and apples).

          • MMinLamesa says:

            Hick’s brew pub and my glass studio were across the same alley from each other. When he was renovating the building, he came in for a bid on some glasswork. At the time, I was pretty happy to see that kind of business come to LoDo. Now when I get back there, it’s unreal how much it’s changed-could never live there again.

            Never have been turkey hunting but I would love to try.

  4. Peaowed says:

    With the redistricting that is being forced by the U.S. District Court for Eastern District of Virginia, the House will be lost. All those draconian gun control bills the Republican House has been shooting down in committee will pass like shit through a goose. Virginia will join the likes of The People’s Democratic Republic of Maryland, Commiefornia, New Yak, Jersey, etc…

  5. Kurt says:

    They’re like locusts. A blight on humanity that razes one place down to dirt then moves on to destroy another.

  6. Scruff says:

    as I’ve said plenty of times, this is how we lost Maine, no doubt it is going on every place worth living in.

  7. FaCubeItches says:

    Remember how, back in the late 90s and early 2000s, all the conservatives laughed about how blue states were losing population and the red states were gaining? They’re no longer laughing.

    • MMinLamesa says:

      I had been warning my ultra REgressive sister and her creepy husband about the dire straights Chicago was facing because of it’s racial strife and deficit spending. I told her property taxes would skyrocket(they have) and the politicians would find many to ways(fees) to extract even more money. She should get out while the getting was good.

      However for about the last decade I’ve kept my mouth shut thinking that she needs to see the results of her politics up close. She mentioned to me recently how beautiful she thought the Chapel Hill area in NC is and they were considering a move.

      That’s just how former conservative states do the big swirly because sure as shit, it’ll never dawn on these cheesedicks that their politics are the reason they’re moving.


  8. Stretch says:

    I live in occupied Virginia (Northern VA). We’ve a special election for the state House of Delegates today. Looks like were gonna have a Muslim win due to the American vote being split between an AF vet (who runs a BBQ joint!) and an “independent” ringer who is going to pull off votes. Wife is pushing her retirement up by at least a year so we can get the He** out before (hopefully) the shooting starts.

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