Federal charges ‘certain’ against Smollett

On Friday, Jan. 18th, a letter was dropped into a mailbox in Chicago’s southwest suburbs.

The envelope was addressed in childlike scrawl to Empire TV star Jussie Smollett at Cinespace Studios, a West Side production facility that the Fox program calls home. “MAGA”—the acronym for Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign slogan “Make America Great Again”—was sloppily written in the return address space.

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12 Responses to Federal charges ‘certain’ against Smollett

  1. Padawan says:

    “Charges certain?” I doubt it. He’s an anti-Trumper. He’ll escape the charges based on that alone. If not the ACLU will get him a liar and try to get him off just because he’s a “gay minority.”

  2. Paul B says:

    At least. that guy needs to be hauled in front of a firing squad. Creep.

  3. crazyeighter says:

    If the charges are filed, expect another summer of Ferguson “Hands up, don’t shoot” bullshit ’cause Trump is ray-ciss.

  4. Nemo says:

    Maybe now he’ll find out what a “real” hanging while black is all about.

    $10.00 says he walks with community service because his Mama says he’s a good boy who dindu nuffin.

    Who in the hell would walk home from an attack like that with the noose still around his/her neck?

  5. Holmes says:

    Irony: Tylenol poisonings occurred in 1982, also in Chicago; no one was ever convicted.

    USPS now offers “Informed Delivery” in some areas. If you have not heard about it check it out on their website. Within a few hours it may hit you: hmmmmm, is there a tie in with Big Brother?

  6. brighteyes says:

    The left just doesn’t get that the right is not violent like them. We had their jerk for eight years, no burning cars or rioting in the streets. We believe in the American way. Vote and who ever wins is the president. Don’t mean we like it but we aren’t like petulant children who throw tantrums. We’re Americans and believe in the American way. Many times the left has attempted to make the right look just like them. We are not. The young Catholic School boy sure comes to mind and now this jerk that Harris calls the most wonderful man and a good friend has fabricated a terrible lie. The right is too busy working, paying taxes so the left can collect free shit. Thus they have the time to riot and carry on like children. No worry about losing a job. What job? Hell, the right can’t even wear a damn hat in public without putting themselves in danger. Freedom of speech to the left means as long as you say what I agree with, were cool. Aren’t there democrats out there that see their party has dissolved into a hate group? The democrats of the JFK era do not exist today.

    • Elmo says:

      Hear, hear!
      I give you a standing ovation for your thoughts!

    • Differ says:

      Take that to it’s logical conclusion….if right minded folks are too busy working to fight for what we believe in, the petulant spoiled left will be setting the agenda and getting their way….
      It matters not if we play by the (our) rules, we lose because they are using a different rulebook.

  7. LoL No says:

    Fuck that faggot bigot.

  8. enn ess says:

    Hmmm, trying to figure out what all the media buzz is about smollett jackass. Other than some trumped up bullshit hate crime which no one gives a shit about anyway. Who the F**k is smollett and again someone please tell me why I should give a fat rats ass. Some daisy actor that didn’t get enough attention? His job, overpaid as it is, is to entertain. No one gives a shit about what he thinks or says about anything.

  9. Mike_C says:

    Tucker Carlson has a good commentary on this mess, just up on YouTube.

    I’ve set the timehash at what to me is the money quote, but hell, rewind it and listen to the whole thing.

    [Among complaints about blacks and homosexuals being powerless and marginalized, Booker and Harris] called [Smollett] a hero. Is this the treatment that marginalized people receive? No. Hardly. Smollett isn’t powerless. Far from it. His power lies in pretending that he has no power.

    In fact, Jussie Smollett and his promoters are the aggressors in this story. They launched a calculated campaign of slander against an entire group of people who have far less wealth, and far less cultural influence than they have. If there’s a bias crime here, they committed it.

    Pretending to have no power, and then crushing those who have the bad manners to notice that the opposite is true has worked well, and continues to work, for certain elements of the left. Victimhood is essential, a core tenet of group identity and self-image, to some people. But normal people are beyond fed up with the eternal victimhood, and with good reason.

  10. brighteyes says:

    The right as a rule is not violent. However, everyone has their breaking point. I hope that does not occur but it will if this insanity continues. The right will have no choice. I fear it will not be a situation of rioting, burning cars and looting shops though. I think it will be a take em ta fuck out type deal. i sure hope that not the case but this shit does have to stop.

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