He was just carrying $10,000 around in his pockets? Riiiiight…

RANDLEMAN, N.C. — It’s probably not a report police get very often–tracking down suspects who robbed a man of his pants. The man told police he was robbed while meeting a woman for sex.

Police in Randleman say they’re searching for a man who, along with another man, robbed 37-year-old Christopher Hancock of his pants. Hancock also told investigators he had $10,000 in the pants when they were stolen.

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  1. Oh, right. And when my 1970 Toyota Corolla was stolen, my Stradivarius violin was in the back seat. Next to my large collection of gold bars, at that.

  2. Mad Jack says:

    A man I used to work for some years back was a real hell raiser. We’d had a good week, and he was on his way down to the bank with the weekly receipts in a bank bag when he espied a young lady in distress. He stopped, one thing led to another, and… she grabbed the bag and took off. He zipped up and ran after her, catching her in a block or two. He got his bread back.

    Then the two of them went back to the car.

  3. Critter says:

    But officer, these aren’t my pants!

  4. Sanders says:

    I used to work for a guy who carried a shoebox around with him. Inside that shoebox was always a minimum of $10k in cash. He called it his “walking around money”.

    • crazyeighter says:

      Was this in the days before you could be cited for “Walking/Driving Around With Too Much Money”?

      • Sanders says:

        It was in the 90’s. He was quite a character. He was on the lam from the IRS and stayed one step ahead of them. He had a drilling company and would make $1,000,000 or more per municipal water well. I don’t know how he got the contracts, or got paid for them without the IRS finding out. He kept his equipment hidden all over 2 counties so nobody could impound it. After a job, we had to scatter it all until the next one.

        Every Friday he would come out to the job site and ask us how much he owed us. The first time I tried to give him a time card, but he said he didn’t want to see that shit – just tell me how much I owe you. Then he would get into his shoebox and pay everyone in cash.

        Remember the Culhanes from Hee Haw? He looked and talked just like one of them – down to the bib overalls. The fellow is passed on now. I don’t know if the IRS ever did catch up to him.

  5. I had a friend who sold his house and cashed the check for over 30K and carried the wad around in his pocket for over a month. Friends told him he was nuts but he didn’t listen and he was at the bar every day and sometimes was drunk and nothing happened to him. He finally deposited the money, He was 63 and this happened in Fort Lauderdale two years ago, amazing!

  6. Bacon says:

    I have a huge problem with the idea being presented — that there’s anything wrong with carrying that much around in one’s pockets. I thought y’all believed in freedom?!?

    Let’s break this down:
    Y’all hate nanny-staters but judge one for carrying one’s own property.
    Y’all hate police confiscations but imply that carrying big money is a crime.
    Y’all hate fucking thieves but imply that theft is due to carrying “too much”.
    Y’all hate fucking bankers but imply that money should be “deposited”.

    Geez, with our attitudes, we’re our own worst enemies, and responsible for it too.

    In a sane society:
    Carry whatever the fuck you want.
    Use cash or metal, fuck credit cards.
    Store your wealth, fuck the banks.
    Theft is always the thieves’ fault.
    We protect each other from theft.
    All thieves get the death penalty.

    • Wirecutter says:

      I believe in Freedom but I also believe in being cautious. Carrying that much cash around is just asking for trouble, as the gentleman in the story found out the hard way. Personally I think he’s running a scam on the insurance company because after all, how many of us would carry that much cash around if we had it?

      • Johno says:

        Ken, if the bloke is “running a scam on the insurance company”, then that is his tough luck, because he’d be trying it on with the ultimate scammers; insurance companies.

      • Bacon says:

        I know you believe in freedom Kenny, I have no doubts about that. But we’re all of us so deeply affected by the creeping bullshit in our society that we all continually accept the otherwise unacceptable.

        I give the fucker the benefit of the doubt. If it turns out that he’s running a fraud, then he’s a thief, and should face harsh penalties. (I don’t care one whit about insurance companies, but we all pay for fraud through higher industry rates and increased taxes for enforcement.)

        I usually only carry a couple hundred, enough to get me through the week. I admit that ten grand sounds like a lot, and I’ve only carried that much a few times. But I had a legitimate purpose each time, so how can I assume that he didn’t have an equally legitimate purpose?

        Yeah, I’m still naive enough to believe that “innocent until proven guilty” is an absolute standard. I ain’t backing down from it either, just because the fucking commies have taken over the asylum.

        So yeah, if I had money, I wouldn’t hesitate to carry it.

        • Wirecutter says:

          Sorry, while I agree with your ideals, I’m just naturally suspicious. With anything, I’m looking for alternative motives.

          • ncgreg231Lc2 says:

            …and then there was that big lottery winner in West Virginia. Supposedly he carried around $100,000 in a briefcase. He also visited strip clubs on a regular basis also carrying the briefcase. Time after time. Eventually (big surprise) somebody stole his briefcase.

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