I’m sure she’s taken, men

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4 Responses to I’m sure she’s taken, men

  1. brighteyes says:

    In regard to Super Women flying ore the bed. Superman flew over Wonder Womens house one day and she was outside laying on her back nekked sun bathing. Superman thought, I’m the fastest man in the world I’ll fly down, hit that thing and be gone before she knows I was there. So he did just that. Suddenly Wonder Women opens her eyes startled and says, What ta hell was that? The Invisible man says I don’t know but my asshole sure is sore!

  2. Elmo says:

    What, no tranny, freak or butt-ugly broad to make sure we’re paying attention?
    Are you feeling okay?

  3. M. Sage says:

    11 is rocking the Sarah Connor look.

  4. Gryphon says:

    Muscle Girl pushing the Car FTW…

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