Just so you know…

Family Tree DNA, one of the largest private genetic testing companies whose home-testing kits enable people to trace their ancestry and locate relatives, is working with the FBI and allowing agents to search its vast genealogy database in an effort to solve violent crime cases, BuzzFeed News has learned. Federal and local law enforcement have used public genealogy databases for more than two years to solve cold cases, including the landmark capture of the suspected Golden State Killer, but the cooperation with Family Tree DNA and the FBI marks the first time a private firm has agreed to voluntarily allow law enforcement access to its database. While the FBI does not have the ability to freely browse genetic profiles in the library, the move is sure to raise privacy concerns about law enforcement gaining the ability to look for DNA matches, or more likely, relatives linked by uploaded user data.

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  1. Towser says:

    Gee…. whoda thunk?

  2. Exile1981 says:

    I call BS on the 1st time bit. Ancestry.com a couple years ago gave the fbi access to the whole database for cash.

  3. Ken Powers says:

    I already assumed this was happening and why I would never give one of these outfits my DNA.
    Article just confirms this.

  4. just sayin says:

    l have been saying for years, these people who PAY to have their DNA collected and after they find out they are 1/12498765th Cherokee, they never ask what happened to their DNA, and given they handed this to a PRIVATE company, who knows what that private company is going to do with it, all in the name of glorious, bigly PROFITS, and with people like that, profits are superior to a “moral compass” any day.

    • ChuckN says:

      Even if they have a moral compass the feds would force them to hand over the info, so why not at least make some money on it.

  5. Dan says:

    Great! Now the public can join me in the Criminal DNA database. When I was in the TN NG in the 80’s we had to give our DNA. We were assured by the ARMY that these samples would only ever be used to identify our dead bodies on the battlefield. One year later some dickhead congressman made me part of the largest criminal DNA database in the world. I think everyone who receives a federal government check, politicians, their aids, federal workers, etc should also have their DNA samples taken. The government would only use them in case of war, I am sure of that,

  6. STW says:

    On the other hand we spent 50 or more years trying to figure out who my great grandfather was. We had a name and some other information from the 1900 census but years of research suggested it was all a lie. Sure enough, three days after DNA results were back I found a second cousin and we determined over the next couple of weeks that our great grandfather had abandoned a family in Wisconsin, changed his name, had a family in Texas, abandoned them, and died under his original name in South Dakota. DNA was the only way to make the link between the two families. However, anyone who has a DNA test to see how German they are is an idiot.

  7. Larry says:

    It’s no different than volunteering your kids’ fingerprints a couple decades ago “just in case”. Me? I don’t give a shit. Uncle Sam’s got more on me from my security clearance way back when than these outfits could give. More recent vets have DNA samples on file, too. And if anyone is certain that medical labs don’t save a drop for .gov, well, you’re more trusting than I am. What does piss me off is that the fucking Chinese have all that shit, too, from the OPM hack and many others.

    • crazyeighter says:

      I’m less worried about what the Chinese might do with my information than what the U.S. Government would.

    • Mike_C says:

      security clearance
      Pretty sure that the couple of clearances I once held were pre-DNA and pre-biometrics, but yes, Uncle Sam got a lot of information from the process.

      Semi-pertinent anecdote follows:
      One of my references got visited in person from an FBI guy, only she was bed-bound with pneumonia. So this radical lesbian friend of my reference who was visiting answered the door. FBI guy introduced himself and Radical Lesbian said “FBI? Fuck off, you pig!” and closed the door in his face. It’s something of a miracle I got my clearance.

      OPM Hack
      Yes. Grrr. I am angry and worried not only about what information the Chicoms took out, but also about what mis-information they might have put INTO our databases.

  8. bogsidebunny says:

    “BuzzFeed News has learned”? That’s a Commie SM slime pit. Believe at your own risk.

  9. De Oppresso Liber says:

    Pretty soon you win’t have to worry about submitting your own DNA. Right now about 10-15 percent of the country have submitted their DNA for analyasis.

    They can already tie 60% of the country genetically together. They say when they get another 10-15 percent they’ll be able to link everybody.

    BTW that 23 and Me org was started by a Ex Wife of one if the Google founders, who is selling the database to anyone who will pay for it. Just imagine between Google and 23 and me how much information they have on you.

  10. J. Eric Andreasen says:

    I was reading com trade commentary on this over the weekend. I am saddened that Mr. Greenspan’s firm, long regarded as the BEST in terms of privacy, has so acted, Regardless, it seems that now that Third Cousin matches, and the sheer numbers of voluntary inputs, make global databases inevitable. And very soon… perhaps in 2-3 years. Once again, technology has outrun the (alleged) protections of law.

  11. Duncan says:

    I just got an email from Family Tree DNA this morning stating that in NO WAY do they allow any LEO to EVER use their data base PERIOD !!! So calling BS on this story. Family Tree DNA will not allow because they know of cases were FALSE accusations have come about of searches of OTHER DNA websites.

  12. Cavguy says:

    TS clearance in USA. Prior to a sandbox deployment besides the normal; prints, dental pantograph, and DNA which the Army has had for years they gathered my iris scan and facial recognition. Yes I’m on a list, it’s too late.

    Now when the government wants to implant a chip, The Mark of the Beast, we all will have to make a decision.


    • crazyeighter says:

      “Now when the government wants to implant a chip, The Mark of the Beast, we all will have to make a decision.”

      Comes to that, the only decision you’ll be given is “Forehead or right hand?”

      • Cavguy says:

        There will be a ramp up to the chipping process so forewarnings will give decenters time? Guessing here.

  13. red 3215 says:

    Just so you’ll know,

    the DoD began requiring everyone to give a DNA sample after the 1985 Gander Bay Crash where we lost most of a Battalion (248 lives) from the 101st Airborne who were returning from a tour in the Sinai MNFO.
    I lost two good friends in this crash.
    They had a hell of a time identifying the remains because all the guys had been carrying their own records, including the medical files that had the dental X-rays, making ID that much harder.
    After that records were handled differently and the DNA sample became mandatory.

    Sorry if that does not comport with conspiracy theories, and of course, I can’t vouch for what may have been done with the data later.

  14. Ed357 says:

    So if they have dna from an unknown perp…..

    They compare it to the database and get a family line….

    Then get the family line to “volunteer” their dna to catch the perp….

    Yeah,,..yeah…volunteer….that the ticket.

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