LWRCi IC-DI 10.5″ AR Pistol review

U.S.A. –-(Ammoland.com)- When space is at a premium and you want to pack an AR-15 you are limited to three options, get a tax stamp and go the SBR route, get your hands on one of LAW Tactical’s excellent folding adaptors, or the most common route of getting yourself an AR pistol from the get-go.

While an SBR might give you some advantages, the main drawback is traveling from one state to the next as well as adding $200 to the price of the gun right out of the gate. Now I am not one that really likes the idea of traveling without a firearm. When I fly, I always pack either my ATEi Glock 19, a Glock 43, or a Smith J Frame depending on the trip. But when I drive somewhere I have more space to work with and more importantly, no weight restrictions.

Normally when driving I would use my 14.5″ pinned & welded AR with a LAW Tactical folder, but since Duncan was going to be riding with me on the Brownells Convoy Across America he wanted an AR on board for himself. We were going to be passing through a ton of uninhabited highway as well as some rough areas where a couple of AR’s might not be a bad idea. Call me overly cautious, I’m OK with that. Since the pistol is not subject to NFA rules, we wouldn’t have to worry about filing paperwork to legally take it across state lines.

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