Make up your mind, California

Shine up your rifle and break out the camo: The state of California is encouraging its eco-minded residents to get outside and start shooting.

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife announced Thursday a new effort to recruit hunters and anglers throughout the state. Fish and Wildlife said in a statement it is partnering with other state and federal agencies as well as recreational communities to “address barriers and opportunities to hunting and fishing in the state.”


They’ve outlawed hunting lions and bear, the fishing regulations are confusing as hell, the licensing fees are out of this world, the zones that actually have deer are draw zones, and in half the state you can’t use leaded ammo, but now they want more hunters?

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10 Responses to Make up your mind, California

  1. Woody says:

    “address barriers and opportunities to hunting and fishing in the state.”
    Code words for diversity and lowering the costs for POC’s while charging more for Privileged (White).

  2. MichiganDoug says:

    It’s a TRAP.

  3. Bad_Brad says:

    The Black Tail deer population is way overpopulated. The problem is, they’re all in my back yard. Gun shots would be frowned upon.

  4. SgtBob says:

    “Shine up your rifle”???

  5. Martinez Alex says:

    Don’t pay the fees of extortion.

  6. CC says:

    Biggest barrier is the pack of fools in Sacramento

  7. Jive Talkinfool says:

    Bullshit. I smell a set-up.

  8. Waepnedmann says:

    You have to have a law degree to understand the regulations for deer season.
    Transporting weapons requires a JD.
    A co-worker’s son was stopped by a deputy.
    He had a .308 centerfire rifle in the cab of his truck.
    The deputy found a box of .22 LR rimfire in the console.
    Arrested him for having a firearm and ammunition in the same compartment of the vehicle.

  9. Dan says:

    Kali doesn’t want hunters…it wants the REVENUE that hunters provide. With the drop in people hunting the state wildlife people are up against a rock in terms of funding. They are now caught in a quandary. The HATE hunters but they LOVE money. Makes for a tough choice.

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