Might want to think about going to school instead

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10 Responses to Might want to think about going to school instead

  1. Pete Parks says:

    She looks like a dine and dash ecpert.

  2. rick says:

    You’re a hard one to please, at least her bed is made.

    So, is Oly Liv garden a place to hook-up? Axkin for a friend.

  3. Steven says:

    For the life of me……why do i………sigh, why do you feel the need to post where you are going? I’m old….I admit it…..just can’t understand the constant need for verification these yungins have.

  4. Greg says:

    Lol, my girlfriend is Asian, she talks like that sometimes, took me awhile to figure out the the lunningmashinee was the treadmill.

  5. Tim in AK says:

    I look at the pudgy little hand holding the phone, and think: “never done a chore or a day’s work in her life”.

    She looks cute but utterly worthless….

  6. Lofty says:

    By Jingos I am getting old…I don’t get it!!! Someone translate please….;-)

  7. Aesop says:

    Ten to one she got her clothes from Chester Drawers, too.

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