Now Sharpton’s getting involved in this bitch fight

Rev. Al Sharpton has seen enough out of Virginia.

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam admitted over the weekend in a bizarre press conference to having worn blackface in the past for a costume, while denying that he was one of the people either wearing blackface or in a Klan robe in a picture on his medical school yearbook page. On Wednesday, Mark Herring, the state’s attorney general and the third in line for succession to the governor’s office, admitted in a statement that he had once donned blackface at a college party in 1980.

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16 Responses to Now Sharpton’s getting involved in this bitch fight

  1. Bobo the Hobo says:

    This is bullshit. Don’t judge actions from the past by today’s standards. I don’t think any of those three should resign – they’re making it easier for our side

    • ChuckN says:

      Is it BS, yes. But the leftists have already written their version of the rules and have infected every facet of the government and media to ensure they are enforced. The least we can do is make them play by the same rules. And like it or not, it’s one of the few routes left before everyone realizes the path to violence has already been paved. Being of higher character may be honorable and noble, but it’s the entire reason we are in this mess. Instead of shouting down the fascistic nuts we not only let them have a voice but gave them the soapbox.

      • crazyeighter says:

        Rule 4 of Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals:
        “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.”

        • Larry says:

          Yep. It’s not as if some people weren’t warning them years ago that they weren’t going to like living under their own new rules. They made their bed, the least we can do is strap them down on it and set it afire.

  2. Paul B says:

    Why does everyone continue to call that race baiting tax scofflaw Reverend. He is long past his preening pompous use by date.

  3. Dav says:

    It’s not a Circus until you have Clowns.

  4. crazyeighter says:

    Of the three politicians in trouble, which one do you think Revrum Al is going to back up?

  5. H says:

    Please God don’t let him take Hillery with him. There isn’t enough popcorn on the entire planet for that show.

    • MT says:

      Speaking of Hitlery, where’s that photo of her in blackface? (It’s out there somewhere.) After all, turnabout is fair play.

  6. John says:

    I tried it once when younger. Couldnt get the nose and lips right and washed it off

  7. Bad Attitude says:

    How much money is Sharpton expecting to collect by offering his “forgiveness” to these politicians? Sharpton will be a major annoyance until his is paid to go away.

  8. warhorse says:

    haven’t any of these people heard the rule “shut the fuck up”?

    they at least should have heard of the clinton rule “deny deny deny attack the accuser”

    not that I mind these people going down but least TRY to fight…this is like shooting fish in a barrel.

  9. Don in Oregon says:

    But it was okay for Michael Jackson to undergo skin whitening.

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