NYPD tried to hide MS-13 gangster accused of subway slaying

He’s an MS-13 gangster and illegal immigrant accused of murdering a rival on a subway platform — but you wouldn’t even recognize him on the street if the NYPD had its way.

Cops bent over backward Tuesday to shield alleged killer Ramiro Gutierrez from public scrutiny after his arrest for Sunday’s broad-daylight slaying in Queens — going so far as to feed reporters bogus information about his whereabouts and claim ignorance on his illegal status hours before President Trump’s State of the Union Address renewing his request for a border wall.

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6 Responses to NYPD tried to hide MS-13 gangster accused of subway slaying

  1. Highlander says:

    Pretty standard procedure. I bet there was a hit man waiting at 4pm to take revenge, that’s how gangs work. The police are responsible for this shit birds life and would prefer to not have a person in custody killed on live TV.

  2. nwoldude says:

    Someday the citizens will begin taking care of problems like this.

  3. RDB says:

    HIghlander is correct with one modification. If it would have been a conservative, the cops/DA would have tipped off CNN as to the rescheduled time.

  4. Cincinnatus says:

    It is obvious that they didn’t want his gang status and information hitting the news prior to the State Of The Union Speech. I am sure the Mayor’s office told the cops to hush this up and the cops (wrongly) obeyed their master. The cops are completely wrong here for lying about the story.

  5. pigpen51 says:

    I am not a Trump apologist, which makes me mad at the left for often forcing me to defend him when he does something good, and they try to make it seem bad. But in this case, Trump is doing the absolute right thing in trying to get control of our border problem, and the left is going ape shit over it.
    Walls DO work, and sovereign nations DO have the right, no, the responsibility, to keep illegal immigrants out, in order to both keep their citizens safe, and to be able to know just who is in their country. Our president has a few jobs specified in the constitution, none more important than keeping our country safe from any assault both from without and within. We should spend any amount needed to ensure that we are safe from illegal immigration from the south.
    And the president needs to keep the pressure on the left about this, and keep it in the open as much as possible, so that the American people can see what is going on and will be on his side.

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