Oh, hell yeah!

It’s not every day you rack up 30.22 pounds with just five bass in one day.

Largemouth bass fishing is the pinnacle of all freshwater angling for a reason. These fish put up a dramatic, exciting fight, and when you find yourself in a hot spot, they’re second to none.

Because they yield fairly plentiful results, anglers often get the itch to chase trophy bass, spending entire days on the water with one thing in mind: beating their personal bests.


That’s one thing about California that nobody can deny – it’s got some monster bass. For years they were talking that the next world record largemouth is going to come out of California, and it still might.

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9 Responses to Oh, hell yeah!

  1. Andy says:

    BIG tourny here at Lake Conroe this week. Lots of pros out and about but I’m pretty sure no one beat the guy in the article.

  2. Bad_Brad says:

    I love Shasta, but it ain’t shit compare to Clear Lake or the Delta. Clear Lake holds the record for a BASS biggest weigh in. The Delta is number two. Mind you this is nation wide. The Delta is my favorite water, however Clear Lake is nuts. A couple years back, early spring, just fun fishing, I tied on a Buzz bait and has stuck about 50 pounds in a half hour. The last one, at the Swedish Dock, more on that later, snapped me off. Only to rise again, shaking it head, and spit that buzz bait right back on my boat.

  3. bocopro says:

    Fishin for bigmouth from a friggin boat? Pansy-asses.

    ONLY way to fish for those guys is in an old pair of jeans out up to your bellybutton by the cat-tails in an ancient borrow pit about 0200 on a July night in Indiana, or Missouri, or Kentucky, or Illinois, when a full moon’s either just risin or goin down, bugs flyin around all over the place, bullfrogs callin from ever’ direction, somethin swimmin around your legs . . . . a semi-stiff 5 1/2 ft Berkeley and a Shakespeare reel with a black Jitterbug . . . . and suddenly that 3-pounder grabs the lure, causin your adrenals to pump a quart of Red Bull into your bloodstream . . . and you go home an hour later with 12 pounds of fresh fish in your cooler.

  4. Nemo says:

    I’ve fished both large and small mouths. Pound for pound and inch for inch small mouths got their large mouth brothers beat beat in fighting ability by a mile, IMHO. Mt biggest large mouth was a 5.5 pounder that I thought was boot. It apparently just turned side ways to the rod, never shook its head or jumped. The one large small mouth I caught, I think it was 4 pounds, jumped shook and gave such a fight it felt like I had something huge on.

  5. Cavguy says:

    I think the best fighters are blue gills. Use a four or five weight fly gear. Bend the barbs back to not damage them too much when you go to take um off.

    • Inbred Redneck says:

      My daughter refers to bluegill as jerkfish ’cause they’d gang up on whatever you were usin’ as bait or a lure and keep anything else from gettin’ close. Little Dry Creek runs under HWY99, just south of Durham and Butte College. I’d just pull over right there and walk down to the creek, catch grasshoppers and haul ’em ‘gills and catfish in. Took a 10-1/2 inch bluegill that made some nice fillets. Next week I stopped there and two guys with a kid about 8 y.o. who was showin’ off the 9 incher he’d just landed. You’d’ve thought he’d just won a pro bass derby.
      Parked there one day and sat under the bridge for a couple of hours. Came back up to the road and CHP had tagged my old Baja Bug as an abandoned car. Always had so much in the way of prep stuff, it looked like I lived in the thing. But, I always had the collapsible Ugly Stik and a tackle box. Drivin’ down the back way from Shingletown to HWY36 I crossed Battle Creek 3 times and there are some great trout fishin’ holes along there.
      My wife’s uncle ran security for Merle when he owned Silverthorn Resort. When he had a bass tournament there’d be some real partyin’ goin’ on most of the night, but early next mornin’ them boys went out and tore up Shasta Lake. For a couple of years they hit the bass so hard that the state outlawed even havin’ crickets in your possession at the Lake during the drought in the Seventies.
      Over in Plumas County a few years back, some fools planted some pike. Boy, talk about pissin’ off the locals…

  6. WoodBurner says:

    Caught a really nice limit (5) of Walleye one late night at the spillway, figured it was close to 30.

    Bunches of Fun.

  7. tripseven says:

    Bass is just a prerequisite to steelhead 101. Latch onto a 20+ lb chrome steelie and you’ll have graduated bass-class my friend. Yes bass is fun but…steelie fishing is an art!

  8. =TW= says:

    I like freshwater catfish for eating, or lake trout above the treeline.
    Saltwater favorites: Rock cod, Calico bass, or Mako shark. Halibut OK too. (Roughys and Tilapia never.)

    “The worst day fishing is better is better than the best day working.”

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