Oooh, BURN!!!

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  1. warhorse says:

    maybe it punctured a lighter in his pocket? tasers aren’t usually hot enough long enough to catch clothing on fire, even really flammable stuff like polyester.

  2. singlestack says:

    So a security guard (not a cop) tased a guy that was trying to run away from him. That’s called assault. Hopefully the guy will lawyer up and sue.

  3. Tom in NC says:

    Huh – I’ve been to Jim’s Steaks many times – like ’em better than Pat’s or Gino’s – I’ll have to keep an eye out for the floor show next time.

  4. Waepnedmann says:

    Saw a training video of a cell extraction
    The subject refused to leave his cell.
    The CO hit him with an OC fogged that looked like a fire extinguisher.
    The orange colored OC for was so dense you could no longer clearly see the subject.
    Subject still refused to exit the cell.
    Another COmshot the subject with an air taser.
    The OC exploded with a WOOPF! That briefly engulfed the cell in flame.
    The subject dove out of the cell and went spread eagle on the floor.
    Today most OC is water based because of setting perps on fire with tazerscafter they have be hit wit OC spray.

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