Pi Beta Nanny

Like most myths, there’s a strong element of truth behind it. Fraternity parties were bacchanalias. The problem is that this was no mystery, and was precisely why people went to them. There would be drinking. There would be dancing. There would be sex, if you were lucky. Debauchery? It could happen.

The difference wasn’t that women were unaware of the fact that they were going into the lion’s den when they decided to try their hand at being Sigma Chi’s sweetheart, but that the sexual revolution was on, and if women wanted to drink, to get drunk, to have sex, so what? The fight wasn’t over sex or no sex, but the chauvinist belief in the virtue of the virgin.

If a woman chose to have sex, that was entirely her business. She was no more a slut than the guy. That, at the time, was the radical shift. Women with adult prerogative. Women with the right to do whatever the hell they wanted to do, even unmarried sex, without fear that she would be tainted in perpetuity as a harlot. It was revolutionary. It was long ago.

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3 Responses to Pi Beta Nanny

  1. Anon says:

    I am glad I was a teenager in the 70’s. Usually participation in the socials between fraternities and sororities was required attendance to some degree.

    When I was in college the sorority girls were of two groups when they went to a frat social. The first group would get a drink and mingle for half hour and pour most if the drink out when they left with another one of her sisters or one of the frat’s security escorts. They had mingled and left early because they were not interested or had a boyfriend. The second group were there to get drunk and laid.

    The guys would do the same to a point as they would have girlfriends not in the invited organization. They were hosting so some were working the music, bar, or security.

  2. Lineman says:

    This is what happens when you let children run the Asylum…It’s going to have to go full circle now and that means lots of pain and death and that happens whether you fight or submit…If your fighting though maybe you can take some of the bastards with you…

  3. bob says:

    as with everything else in the world it’s all about economics. it’s about how much work goes into something. for a woman to have sex it takes very little work. for a man to have sex it either takes a large amount of work or he has to pay for it. and that is why women who have lots of sex with different men are seen as sluts and men who have lots of sex with different women are admired by other men. it’s all about the amount of work that goes into something.

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