Snowflake wants to tax ammo at 50%

Connecticut State Rep Jillian Gilchrest (D-13) recently introduced a bill that would tax ammunition.

HB 5700 would impose a 50% tax increase on ammo. Law enforcement and military are exempt from this tax, but if you’re a Connecticut, you’re out of luck.

Naturally, gun owners have been up in arms about this blatant infringement on their right to self-defense. On the other hand, Gilchrest has been completely befuddled at the backlash she has received from gun owners.


What gets me about the recent wave of proposed ammo restrictions is these fucking idiots don’t realize that you don’t just pick up a gun, squeeze the trigger and watch your bullet hit the bullseye every time. Nope, it takes practice to get your bullet to hit the bullseye even sometimes. Not only that, but it takes continuous practice to be able to keep hitting your target.
I guess they want us all to shoot like NYPD cops, bullets flying everywhere with innocent bystanders laying in the streets bleeding out while the guy you were shooting at strolls away, laughing and counting your money.

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19 Responses to Snowflake wants to tax ammo at 50%

  1. warhorse says:

    I would like to invite every CT citizen to drive not far up the road to wonderful NH, where we will sell you all the ammunition you like at rock-bottom no-sales-tax prices.

  2. J says:

    “Law enforcement and military are exempt from this tax,”

    “Law enforcement and military are exempt from this tax,”

    “Law enforcement and military are exempt from this tax,”

    “Law enforcement and military are exempt from this tax,”

    Divide and Conquer
    Cheap stuff for We but not Thee

    Time for you boys to $tep up, Man Up. And $peak TF up!!
    There seems to be only be afew SHERIFFS.

    Folks like myself…..TRAIN YOU. Be it Contracted or Personal.
    Every DAY we are out $ending round$, examining TTP, Balli$tic$, What $hit works and what is $hit will FAIL YOU.
    What we do isn’t a GD $in and we $hould not be paying a F’ing Tax to Educate and Teach you!!


  3. Ray says:

    “The fucking idiots” don’t want you to be able to shoot at all. People who are armed and can shoot back just WILL NOT get on the train to the death camps. That is the ONLY reason for “gun control”.

  4. EJ says:

    Even if most of the people supporting this understood the need for practice they still wouldn’t care. They want owning a gun to be cost prohibitive. Make it an elitists activity and the current gun culture disappears in a generation or two.

    So take a new shooter to the range. We have to play the long game if we want to keep our rights.

  5. Roy Kaufmann says:

    She is targeting legal gun owners. The people who maintain proficiency by shooting as often as necessary. She is going to make marksmanship expensive to practice for this generation of shooters and those who may otherwise have followed.

  6. DCE says:

    Like criminals aren’t “spray and pray” idiots. They don’t go to the gun range to practice.

    They probably spend more time in front of the mirror trying to perfect their “gangsta” look, holding their piece sideways as if it will show just how bada** they can be. Of course they won’t be able to hit the broad side of a barn, but at least they’ll look ‘cool’ while they’re doing it.

  7. Don in Oregon says:

    And needless to say it will just create a black market. Criminals will still get ammo. They don’t need much to do drive-by shootings and they sure as shit don’t spend their spare time at the range.

  8. Bobo the Hobo says:

    These assholes propose regulations and believe bad guys will magically comply. They don’t have any critical thinking skills, nor do they feel the need to explain their posoition; they just issue their fiats by stating, “Because I said so”

  9. Andrew says:

    This is just continuing the long, economic attack upon guns. Remember, in 1934 that $200 tax stamp was a year’s wages.

    • crazyeighter says:

      Or, as John Ross put it in “Unintended Consequences” , “A $200 tax on a $10 shotgun.”

  10. singlestack says:

    “HB 5700 would impose a 50% tax increase on ammo.”

    She’s not proposing a 50% tax increase, she’s proposing a 50% tax.

    • crazyeighter says:

      And I don’t see any mention of what this increased tax revenue will be used for or how it’s going to reduce “gun violence”.

      In a tweet, she even went out of her way to question the amount of ammo one needs to defend their home: “I’m hearing push back about the need to protect one’s home… but how much ammunition does someone really need to do that?”

      People like her running their yap made me decide I however much I have, I need more.

      She also needs a geography lesson; a two-hour drive from anywhere in her state will put a customer in gun-friendlier places that will happily sell you all the ammo you can afford.

      • Andrew says:

        Coming soon, maximum allowable storage of ammo. Proof of tax stamps on ammo (like on cigarettes) and ammo must be stored in original package (like pills.)

        One round (or empty casing) over the limit will be a felony.

  11. George says:

    They do realize that it takes practice. They want to change the gun culture. Limiting ammo is there new push to do that.

    It limits practice and impacts or shuts ranges; this not only affects training but also causes a decrease in shooters congregating, meeting and in fellowship.

    It also affects shooting generationally by discouraging young people from getting involved.

    It’s not haphazard. I’ve often said that by the next generation people will willingly give up the second amendment. Demographics are a bitch………

  12. Nemo says:

    Taxes are the socialist/progressive answer to anything they don’t condone. Guns, ammo, liquor, cigarettes can’t be declared illegal, but can be (trying to be) taxed out of existence, in other words, anything that normal people like or have fun with.

  13. Tsgt Joe says:

    Isnt there an 11% excise tax on guns and ammo already?

  14. Brian P. says:

    The Leftists/Statists tax everything they want to eliminate. Alcohol, cigarettes, fossil fuel (see the “travel” or mileage taxes they have ornwant to impose), and of course firearms. And also jobs. These tyrants and idiots think the 2A only means guns when it plainly states “Arms”. Guns aren’t armermants without ammunition. Every true citizen in Congress should slap on language to every gun control bill that similarly infringes on the Rights that the Dems cling to or claim they have. We’ll make abortions unrestricted, and tax the consumable tools at $500-$600 a piece. Let’s offer internet access to all but impose an annual permit to gain a login at about the same real cost of the most expensive gun permit process in the US. May issue of course. I could do this all day with their BS taxes.

  15. PoppaGary says:

    One unforeseen and somewhat positive outcome of this type or infringement is that we will return to the old fashioned practices of one shot, one kill and aim small, miss small as in the old days and we will be forced to improve our accuracy.
    Friggin’ Commies!

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